My not so troubled toddler…

 Just wanted to update on my munchkin. She hasn’t had a fit (at least to that extent) sence. I’m hoping that’s the last one I have to see…with my kid anyway.


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Troubled Toddler

 Well…today I witnessed my daughter’s first foot kicking, fist pounding fit. I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I don’t intend on her making a habit of this. After a minute of her behaviour, she stopped and looked at me, and responded obediently to my finger pointing her to the direction of her room. She then put herself on her bed waiting for Mommy to talk to her. After any discipline my husband and I make a point to pray with her (most of the time she asks for prayer). 

 For the past month I’ve noticed Charis getting frustrated much more easily than usual. Just over little things; like if she put her color rings on incorrectly, or she has trouble getting her baby out of the stroller. My daughter is a perfectionist… and an independent one at that. I think it’s going to be a very interesting few months.

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Like a lady!!!

My little lady… My daughter is quiet the mixture when it comes our jean-pool. She looks like a perfect combo of me and her Daddy, but she acts a lot like my little sister. Those that know her know that she’s a fashion/glamour girl that can out belch any truck driver around…and worst of all she thinks it quiet humours. Charis is following in her footsteps. She loves wearing dresses and anything that’s pretty, but thinks it’s great to belch too.  I’ve been trying to get her to have better manners (especially at the table), and one way that I can persuade her to be more polite is remind her “it’s like a lady!” She loves when I say that. She acts very dainty and if she should happen to belch she always excuses herself. I guess I’ll just have to say that more often if I want my little girl to be a little lady. Here’s some pics I took a few weeks ago. I haven’t got around to editing, but I’ll post more soon!

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Being home…and loving spring!!!

 I’m enjoying this week SO much!!! Last week my in-laws were out of town so Charis and I helped at the family business…in the past it’s never been that big of a deal, but now that my baby is a toddler I’ve discovered it doesn’t work very well. It seemed like I could do a mediocre job at runny a household, rearing a child, and working, or a good job at running a household and rearing my child. It was a week of leftovers and take out. The laundry piled higher than I thought possible, and believe me even with being at home it’s been piled pretty high. I fear the dishes were even worse…it even came to my hubby doing them. He’s so sweet.

 One good thing that came out that crazy week was reminding me of how important my job is. I’ve always loved staying at home, but sometimes I question whether I should help out more financially now that Charis is older, and with trying to save for an adoption. I think God used last week to show me that it wouldn’t work=-)! Where God guides He always provides…and sometimes not in the most obvious ways!

 On another note I have to say that I am loving spring!!! The sunshine inspires me to do so much more…maybe that’s where the term spring cleaning came from. I’ve already got a ton of housework done. My next big project is stuffing my SUV with the unessesary junk we’ve obtained over the year, and sending it to the thrift shop. It’s amazing how much stuff we have stored in our garage. After it sits for a while you wonder why on earth you needed it in the first place. Well…more cleaning awaits…and a ton of other things! 

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I can jump…sort of

The past month or so Charis has been working on her jumping. This past week I finally got to see her feet actually leave the ground, which resulted in her landing on her bum. It was pretty funny. I tried to get video of her really jumping, but instead it’s the “jumping” she’s been doing this for the past month…and some pretty funny dance moves!!!

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Sleepy Wrap- giveaway!!!

Hey all…just wanted to share a bit of info. Attached to Baby is giving away a Sleepy Wrap. It’s a lot like the Moby, but from what I hear, it doesn’t sag as much. If you want to enter check it out at

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The Good News…

 I’ve been blessed to help out in my daughter Bible class on Friday nights for the past year. The teacher I work with is wonderful…we work great as a team. One thing that we’ve done for the past few months is sing the four gospels (they’re little guys…my daughter’s only 19months old). It seems like every time we did only one girl (who happened to be the oldest in the class) would actually sing it with us. The others (my daughter included) would just watch quietly. The other night my daughter was joining me in song. We sang several that she knows bits and pieces of, and to my surprise she began singing, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Of course it sounded more like, Maffew, Mork, Lue, JAW! I was so excited, after all those times of singing it over and over again had finally stuck in her head. It was so cute. I guess I’ll have to continue singing more songs… especially songs with hand motions. I love watching her little hands move trying so hard to mimic mine.

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