The Good News…

 I’ve been blessed to help out in my daughter Bible class on Friday nights for the past year. The teacher I work with is wonderful…we work great as a team. One thing that we’ve done for the past few months is sing the four gospels (they’re little guys…my daughter’s only 19months old). It seems like every time we did only one girl (who happened to be the oldest in the class) would actually sing it with us. The others (my daughter included) would just watch quietly. The other night my daughter was joining me in song. We sang several that she knows bits and pieces of, and to my surprise she began singing, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Of course it sounded more like, Maffew, Mork, Lue, JAW! I was so excited, after all those times of singing it over and over again had finally stuck in her head. It was so cute. I guess I’ll have to continue singing more songs… especially songs with hand motions. I love watching her little hands move trying so hard to mimic mine.


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