Being home…and loving spring!!!

 I’m enjoying this week SO much!!! Last week my in-laws were out of town so Charis and I helped at the family business…in the past it’s never been that big of a deal, but now that my baby is a toddler I’ve discovered it doesn’t work very well. It seemed like I could do a mediocre job at runny a household, rearing a child, and working, or a good job at running a household and rearing my child. It was a week of leftovers and take out. The laundry piled higher than I thought possible, and believe me even with being at home it’s been piled pretty high. I fear the dishes were even worse…it even came to my hubby doing them. He’s so sweet.

 One good thing that came out that crazy week was reminding me of how important my job is. I’ve always loved staying at home, but sometimes I question whether I should help out more financially now that Charis is older, and with trying to save for an adoption. I think God used last week to show me that it wouldn’t work=-)! Where God guides He always provides…and sometimes not in the most obvious ways!

 On another note I have to say that I am loving spring!!! The sunshine inspires me to do so much more…maybe that’s where the term spring cleaning came from. I’ve already got a ton of housework done. My next big project is stuffing my SUV with the unessesary junk we’ve obtained over the year, and sending it to the thrift shop. It’s amazing how much stuff we have stored in our garage. After it sits for a while you wonder why on earth you needed it in the first place. Well…more cleaning awaits…and a ton of other things! 


March 11, 2008. Uncategorized.

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