Growing up…

Yesterday was pretty busy. My parents are out of town so Charis and I are looking after things. We also had some errands to run as well. The last stop we made was a quick stop (just needed a few things), and since she had been such a good girl all day, I decided to get her some playdough (I’ve been forgetting to make her some). So after home and nap, I decided to treat her with some playdough time! She loved it…a little too much. Once in was time for Mommy to stop playing and start cleaning the house, I told her ” It’s time to clean up Charis!” , and instantly my sweet little daughter turned into a wild animal. Her beuatiful smile melted to a scoul. She then followed the scoul with a foot kicking fist pounding fit. The one I haven’t seen in over a month. While she was doing this, I asked her “Is that working for you Charis?” She replied in a small voice, “no…”. Then after discussing proper behavior of little girls respectiong their mommies she was sent to her room to settle down.
After the inccident I asked myslef where on earth did she get the inspiration this time? I haven’t dared let her watch that show again. Then I had remember that we were out with a friend earlier that day, and I was telling her of that first and only horrible fit. Charis, ofcourse was there, so maybe that’s it…or maybe my baby is going to be two? I hope it’s the prior and not that latter. I really don’t enjoy fits like that…but at least it hasn’t happend in public…yet!


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Diaper update.

Just wanted to update now that I’ve expirienced cloth diapers, and I must say that I like them so much more than disposables. I tried one the other day, during her nap and after that, and we had zero leakage. Charis ended up crying because I put a disposable on her. The inside of her bug genius diaper is so soft that I don’t blame her for crying, but since I was trying one out to decide whether or not to keep them, the rest were still unwashed. Hopefully I’ll be done washing the rest of the diapers tomorrow!!!

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I must be crazy…

 Lately I’ve been doing a little research on all the chemicals that are in baby care items. Sippy cups, pacifiers, even disposable diapers!!! A month prior I didn’t think much of this (in the diapers anyway), until I tried a cheaper brand of diaper (never make this mistake) to try and save money. We have also used Pampers swaddlers and crusiers and love them terribly, but they’ve been getting more expensive (like everything else these days). So anyway I bought a pack of Luvs… and my daughter’s bum turned a horrible shade of red (and I only used a few diapers). Then I remembered some of the side effects to hash chemicals in diapers the keep you baby dryer longer (bad rashes and chemical burns being two of them).

 After this I was kinda at a loss of what to do…I loved pampers, but wanted to try and shrienk my budget, so I started looking into other options. I hated the thought of cloth diapers (at least the prefolds with diaper pins and a plastic coverI new a mom who used these type of clothe diapers and would have them soaking in ammonia in a bucket…gross). Then I was introduced to a different type of cloth diaper. It’s called a pocket diaper…it works very much like disposal…except you wash it of-course. Not only that but they have flush-able liners so all the messy stuff goes in the toilet…not your pail. Also, there’s what’s called dry pail cleaning method (which is much better). You put the cloth diapers in the pail lined with a cloth bag and when you’re ready to wash, you empty your pail, bag and all. The washer does the rest. I haven’t actually started this yet. I just ordered the diapers last night. I got the Bum Genius 3.0. A lot of moms who only used pampers switched to these and never looked back. Also a neat feature is they’re a one-size, so you just snap or unsnap to the size you need. They are a pricey cloth diaper…about $18 a piece unless you buy a big kit (that’s what I did, plus they were on sale!!!), but I think they’ll be well worth it. They came with a guarantee that if I didn’t like them for any reason I could get my money back! I was doing the math the other day, and realized that if Charis wasn’t potty trained until she was 21/2 I will have more than paid for them, and they’ll be ready for her siblings…whenever that time comes! That is if I last.(-= I’ll be sure and let you know how it goes.

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