Growing up…

Yesterday was pretty busy. My parents are out of town so Charis and I are looking after things. We also had some errands to run as well. The last stop we made was a quick stop (just needed a few things), and since she had been such a good girl all day, I decided to get her some playdough (I’ve been forgetting to make her some). So after home and nap, I decided to treat her with some playdough time! She loved it…a little too much. Once in was time for Mommy to stop playing and start cleaning the house, I told her ” It’s time to clean up Charis!” , and instantly my sweet little daughter turned into a wild animal. Her beuatiful smile melted to a scoul. She then followed the scoul with a foot kicking fist pounding fit. The one I haven’t seen in over a month. While she was doing this, I asked her “Is that working for you Charis?” She replied in a small voice, “no…”. Then after discussing proper behavior of little girls respectiong their mommies she was sent to her room to settle down.
After the inccident I asked myslef where on earth did she get the inspiration this time? I haven’t dared let her watch that show again. Then I had remember that we were out with a friend earlier that day, and I was telling her of that first and only horrible fit. Charis, ofcourse was there, so maybe that’s it…or maybe my baby is going to be two? I hope it’s the prior and not that latter. I really don’t enjoy fits like that…but at least it hasn’t happend in public…yet!


April 30, 2008. Tags: , , . Charis, Joys of Parenting, Toddler Troubles.

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