Finally Home!!!

 Yesterday was quite a day for me…I arrived at the airport very ready to return home to my hubby! Unfortunately, my flight was canceled and they re-booked me. The customer service guy was informing me that he wasn’t sure if he could get me home!!! Raising my eyebrows I looked down at my daughter in the ergo, then at the mountain of baby gear beside me, and as politely as possible informed him that we HAD to go home!!! He finally figured out a way to get me home. We ended up having to take more than one plain to do it, and we got in quite a bit later, but at least we are home…praise God!!! Charis was such a trooper. It was such an answer to prayer. Today has been a total re-coop day! My big job was laundry…no biggie. Well, it’s almost time for dinner. I’ll have to blog about my trip later. 


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A toddler, a flight, and no Daddy in sight!

 This Monday I’m going to be undertaking something rather extreme….Charis and I will be flying to see my Grandma…and Zak’s staying here (he couldn’t get away from work). My Grandma still has yet to meet my now almost two year old, and since she’s not a lap baby much longer, Zak and I thought that now is a good time to do it! I booked an early flight, hoping that Charis wont be full of energy, but when one books a 6am flight, you don’t automatically think of the need to leave the house at 3am!!! I guess that’s the price you have to pay to make sure you don’t have a toddler at her busiest on a plain. One thing that is such a blessing is that we have a straight through flight, so no layovers or touchdowns making it longer! Praise the Lord!!!

 We’ve been talking about flying on a plain for a while now. Every time we’ve seen a bird flying in the air, we talk about how we’ll get to fly like a bird when we go on a great big plane! If you think of it, prayer would be very appreciated…lugging a toddler, a car seat, a diaper bag, a stroller, a carry-on (filled with our clothes), and a big duffel (containing her to-go high chair, toys, books and whatever doesn’t fit in the other bag) is going to be a challenge! I know it’ll all be well worth it!

Off to go pack!!!

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Growing pains…

 Charis seems to be growing like a weed lately in all directions. It seems like everytime I invest in a good pair of shoes for Charis, she imediatly grows out of them. Trying to play the “what size will she be” game is something I fail at often. Charis is once again down to having one pair of shoes that fit her, and they’re her “nice” shoes. They aren’t the type that are great for outdoor play, just good for your feet leather shoes. It’s really hard to find an inexpensive shoe that fits her sorta tall, sorta wide feet. After spending an hour or so looking for a good waterproof play sandal on line, I’ve decided that buying shoes that wont last longer than a few months shouldn’t cost more that $20. Sad thing is the retailers don’t agree with my way of thinking! It seemed like every pair that looked durable and wide/tall enough started at $40 and went up!!!

 I know I am so blessed to have a healthy kiddo that continues to grow, but with this healthy growing kiddo comes a bigger apatite, more clothes, more shoes…the list grows on and on! Will I ever be able to shrink my budget??? If any of you moms know of a good brand of waterproof sandals (size6/7 in toddlers) let me know where I can find them! Thanks~

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 This Saturday I’m photographing a wedding. Now that it’s the season again I’ve been editting a lot of pics to get back into routine. Here’s a few shots I recently took. Off to go do laundry!

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Homeschooling a toddler…

 My daughter has a love for letters and numbers, and though the thought of homeschooling my almost two year old seemed a little crazy, I decided to give it a go. Most of what we work on are skills she’d be learning in a toddler class anyway (fine motor skills, sensory and so on). Today I decided to devote as much time as she desired to doing her “school work”. I was amazed how engrossed she was in it all. We work on things for well over an hour!!! Did I mention she’s not even two??? What little curriculum I use is by Kumon. Charis is currently working on the “Let’s Fold” book and “My first coloring book”. These really are awesome books. They’re geared for 2-4years (the ones I have anyway), and work on really great age appropiate skills. I also just use alot of plain paper and doodle letters, and she tells me which one it is. It’s pretty cute!

 First we worked on our folding skills, then our colors, then letters, then we sang songs (ABC’s, Jesus Loves Me…that kinda thing), then we worked on memorizing our Bible verse (currently John3:16) and she still was begging for more! I finally tore her away by suggesting we go outside on a nature walk (a walk to look at a neighbors flowers). The rest of the morning/noon time went great!!! She was so well behaved and polite (manners are another big thing we’ve been working on)! I think I’m going to have to do this on a regular basis (at least 2-3 days a week). Singing songs and memory verses I do daily. Another thing that’s going to become a daily activity is outdoor play!!! Now that she’s bigger she needs the fresh air, and can handle the weather if it’s raining (thanks for the new raincoat Mom!).

Here’s some pics of today’s fun!!!

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Mother’s Day Surprise…

 Well, this Mother’s Day has been an interesting one so far. This year my husband’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day. The morning started off normal…got me and Charis ready and headed to church (Zak goes before we get up and helps out). After study I came home to get Charis down for a nap and when I opened the garage door something was there that wasn’t before…

I’ve been wanting a beach cruiser for years, but with being pregnant, then having a baby, it got put on the back burner…now I have a bike trailer too, so the the munchkin can tag along for the ride!!! Maybe this is as much a gift for him, as it is for me…bike=exercise…exercise=thinner mommy…thinner mommy=happy daddy!

 For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing that Mother’s Day doesn’t count this year, because his birthday overrides it. He’s always so good at surprising me…I wish that I was better at surprising him. Oh well, maybe Father’s Day! Thanks Zak!!!! You’re the best hubby ever (you were before the surprise too!!!)

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 Just wanted to wish all you Moms a Happy Mother’s Day…I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to by better half, Zak! I love you babe!!!  

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Mommy brain…

 I’ve been known for having “mommy brain” since having my daughter. It was far worse than when I was pregnant, but it’s still pretty bad. Ysterday I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Whenever I do, I just drop Charis off at work with Daddy…and Nana…and Papa, and off I go.

 There’s been a lot of road work being done on my normal routes there, so I hopped on the Freeway to save time. I’ve been trying to cram so much into this week I think I’m going crazy!!! As I’m going through my endless to do list in my mind, I ended up passing the my exit…no biggie right? Well, it wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t the last exit in our town for several miles! I had to go another town before I could turn back around. So much for being on time, and keeping the gas tank full. Oh well, something to laugh at I guess, and at least I got my hair cut=-)! ! 

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leg warmers anyone?

 I was just checking out simples newest review…it’s for They’re reviewing leg warmers. I’m sure most of you’ve heard of baby legs… there’s also two other companies; skidpants & hugalugs. They’ll be giving away two pairs of legs warmers, so if you have a little one sign up!!! Here’s the website.

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I’d like to buy a vowel…

 Charis has been very intrigued with letters for a while…and new words. Now when I sing ABC’s to her, if I stop she’ll sing the letter that comes next (usually, anyway). Not bad for being 21 months old. Zak and I don’t let her watch too much tv, but one show she absolutely loves is Wheel of Fortune. It’s so weird to me, but it’s proven to be a great learning show. She sits in her chair calling out letters, and when Vanna starts revealing the letters, she cheers joyfully. She doesn’t know what every letter looks like yet, but she’s been getting better! Who would have thought literacy skills would be obtained from America’s favorite game show?

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