For those of you that know me personally, you know of my desire to have another little one (if not several), but not the traditional way. My husband and I want to adopt a little one from Ethiopia (Lord willing, of course). We learn through God giving us Charis, that His timing is always perfect…it’s not always according to my calendar, but it is perfect none the less.

 Over the past year I’ve been researching and praying over all sorts of different countries and agencies, to get my ducks in a row, so to speak…and once Zak and I started praying to possibly get started something came along and knocked down my nice row of ducks. The name of this culprit is Hague. 

 Apparently the US and several other countries wanted to raise the standards of international adoption… nothing bad in all that, right? Well, the one big problem for me is that Ethiopia hasn’t joined it yet, and only a few agencies (I know of one so far) has been grandfathered in to continuing adoptions for Ethiopian orphans to the USA. Not only that, but I looked into this agency prior to Hague and it’s prices have raised an enormous amount!! Is someone taking advantage of families wanting to have a beautiful little brown skinned, Ethiopian baby??? 

 At least I know God’s very much in control, and like our first child, our next little one will arrive when it’s in His timing. Until that time I’ll enjoy my busy, crazy toddler!


May 3, 2008. adoption.

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