Mother’s Day Surprise…

 Well, this Mother’s Day has been an interesting one so far. This year my husband’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day. The morning started off normal…got me and Charis ready and headed to church (Zak goes before we get up and helps out). After study I came home to get Charis down for a nap and when I opened the garage door something was there that wasn’t before…

I’ve been wanting a beach cruiser for years, but with being pregnant, then having a baby, it got put on the back burner…now I have a bike trailer too, so the the munchkin can tag along for the ride!!! Maybe this is as much a gift for him, as it is for me…bike=exercise…exercise=thinner mommy…thinner mommy=happy daddy!

 For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing that Mother’s Day doesn’t count this year, because his birthday overrides it. He’s always so good at surprising me…I wish that I was better at surprising him. Oh well, maybe Father’s Day! Thanks Zak!!!! You’re the best hubby ever (you were before the surprise too!!!)


May 11, 2008. Charis, Joys of Parenting, Zak.

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