Homeschooling a toddler…

 My daughter has a love for letters and numbers, and though the thought of homeschooling my almost two year old seemed a little crazy, I decided to give it a go. Most of what we work on are skills she’d be learning in a toddler class anyway (fine motor skills, sensory and so on). Today I decided to devote as much time as she desired to doing her “school work”. I was amazed how engrossed she was in it all. We work on things for well over an hour!!! Did I mention she’s not even two??? What little curriculum I use is by Kumon. Charis is currently working on the “Let’s Fold” book and “My first coloring book”. These really are awesome books. They’re geared for 2-4years (the ones I have anyway), and work on really great age appropiate skills. I also just use alot of plain paper and doodle letters, and she tells me which one it is. It’s pretty cute!

 First we worked on our folding skills, then our colors, then letters, then we sang songs (ABC’s, Jesus Loves Me…that kinda thing), then we worked on memorizing our Bible verse (currently John3:16) and she still was begging for more! I finally tore her away by suggesting we go outside on a nature walk (a walk to look at a neighbors flowers). The rest of the morning/noon time went great!!! She was so well behaved and polite (manners are another big thing we’ve been working on)! I think I’m going to have to do this on a regular basis (at least 2-3 days a week). Singing songs and memory verses I do daily. Another thing that’s going to become a daily activity is outdoor play!!! Now that she’s bigger she needs the fresh air, and can handle the weather if it’s raining (thanks for the new raincoat Mom!).

Here’s some pics of today’s fun!!!


May 13, 2008. Charis, homeschooling, Joys of Parenting.

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