Growing pains…

 Charis seems to be growing like a weed lately in all directions. It seems like everytime I invest in a good pair of shoes for Charis, she imediatly grows out of them. Trying to play the “what size will she be” game is something I fail at often. Charis is once again down to having one pair of shoes that fit her, and they’re her “nice” shoes. They aren’t the type that are great for outdoor play, just good for your feet leather shoes. It’s really hard to find an inexpensive shoe that fits her sorta tall, sorta wide feet. After spending an hour or so looking for a good waterproof play sandal on line, I’ve decided that buying shoes that wont last longer than a few months shouldn’t cost more that $20. Sad thing is the retailers don’t agree with my way of thinking! It seemed like every pair that looked durable and wide/tall enough started at $40 and went up!!!

 I know I am so blessed to have a healthy kiddo that continues to grow, but with this healthy growing kiddo comes a bigger apatite, more clothes, more shoes…the list grows on and on! Will I ever be able to shrink my budget??? If any of you moms know of a good brand of waterproof sandals (size6/7 in toddlers) let me know where I can find them! Thanks~


May 15, 2008. Charis.

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