A toddler, a flight, and no Daddy in sight!

 This Monday I’m going to be undertaking something rather extreme….Charis and I will be flying to see my Grandma…and Zak’s staying here (he couldn’t get away from work). My Grandma still has yet to meet my now almost two year old, and since she’s not a lap baby much longer, Zak and I thought that now is a good time to do it! I booked an early flight, hoping that Charis wont be full of energy, but when one books a 6am flight, you don’t automatically think of the need to leave the house at 3am!!! I guess that’s the price you have to pay to make sure you don’t have a toddler at her busiest on a plain. One thing that is such a blessing is that we have a straight through flight, so no layovers or touchdowns making it longer! Praise the Lord!!!

 We’ve been talking about flying on a plain for a while now. Every time we’ve seen a bird flying in the air, we talk about how we’ll get to fly like a bird when we go on a great big plane! If you think of it, prayer would be very appreciated…lugging a toddler, a car seat, a diaper bag, a stroller, a carry-on (filled with our clothes), and a big duffel (containing her to-go high chair, toys, books and whatever doesn’t fit in the other bag) is going to be a challenge! I know it’ll all be well worth it!

Off to go pack!!!


May 16, 2008. Charis, Joys of Parenting.

One Comment

  1. Ruthie and Jaime replied:

    Have fun guys, we’ll miss ya lots!

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