Is it me??? or her???

 Yesterday for me was quite a challenge. Charis’ morning started with a big grin as she waited for me to remove the gate barracading her way to the rest of the house. She, as usual had her blankie, her shirt, and her monkey Mr. Twiddles. In the midst of all the stuff, there wasn’t enough room in her hands to grab the last thing that she wanted…her sippy cup of water. She then commanded Mommy to go get it. She didn’t like that Mommy didn’t respond well to her orders. I did offer to take Mr. Twiddles so she could go get it (I don’t mind helping daughter, but I’m not going to show her that she can order me around either. Oh boy would that be fun with her almost being two!), that then resulted in her falling to the ground and bursting into tears. I then set her beloved monkey on the ground and told her when she was ready to behave like a big girl she could come out into the living with me and we could pray…15 minutes later, she finally stops and comes out with a smile on her face, completely forgetting her desire for a sippy cup in the first place!

 Later in the day this behavior continued with tears and endless shouts of no’s, a few pats of the hieney and a lot of time outs. I’ve been giving her a bit more grace than usuall since returning home. I’ve had a lot of catching up on things since coming home, and I know it’s still a bit of a whirlwind, but at the same time it could also be that someone is going to be two. A lot of her “moments” occure when I’m trying to get the laundry folded, or the dishes done, or when I’m cooking. I think she’s been getting board. She hasn’t been playing with her toys as much on her own… maybe she just needs a little sister!Ha-ha. I think having a week of hardley any toys and a lot of Mommy’s attention has something to do with it too! I did do some “school work” with her yesterday and that bought me a little time, but not like it usually does. Buy the time Zak got home last night I was very done with the whining… I’m sure he could tell. I was trying to get through a very late dinner (another thing that frustrated me), and send a little munchkin off to bed. Dinner ended a bit differently than it usually does. I had made a pizza with a garlicky butter base to the crust, she enjoyed her dinner so much that she decided the put the remaining buttery, olive oily pizza on top of her nice clean hair!!! At this point I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry, but I knew I couldn’t send her to bed like that so I hopped the the shower and Zak sent her in to get her hair washed. As soon as she was clean, he dried her off and sent her to bed! All I can say is Zak is such a blessing to me!!! I pray today goes differently, or at least that I handle myself better.   

Oh, and I’ll try and post some pics from our trip and blog about it some time this week!


June 3, 2008. Tags: . Charis, Joys of Parenting, Toddler Troubles, Zak.


  1. Ruthie and Jaime replied:

    Joanna you are such a good mommy, keep it up. They have to test their boundaries sometimes and once they see they are not getting anywhere they settle back in and behave a little better. Just be patient, you guys do so good with Charis. I will pray that she gets the idea quickly and you have a wonderful day today. God bless.

  2. joannaadams replied:

    Thanks Jaime…today has been much better so far. I just hope it stays that way!!!

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