Big Girl & Party Time

 In a little over a month, my baby is going to be two years old. It seems so crazy to me!!! I so vividly remember being pregnant…and holding my newborn for the first time…and making her homemade baby food! That same little baby I so clearly remember is no longer a baby (and according to her, she hasn’t been one for some time, but she was to me), she’s very much a toddler. A BIG toddler. Since my full day of traveling with her on my tummy I realized my back can’t take wearing her for long periods of time. That is the last big mommy-baby bonding thing that I’m not ready to give up!!! SO for little things here and there I’m good. I’m also going to try to make a different carrier, that might give me a little more time! I know…I addicted to baby wearing!

 One up side to Charis growing up is seeing her become her. She’s a very silly girl, who is a perfectionist… which means two is going to be fun!!! The past week or so we’ve been talking about what kind of party she wants. Her first birthday we had a small family gathering. This year, we’re going to have a little party for with a few of her pals, and a family one. She seems to be leaning towards a tea party. Although sometimes she says a zoo party. I might have to have a few animals invited to the party (stuffed ones anyway). She’s also been mentioning tutus, so maybe a ballerina/zoo/tea party=-)!! I’m going to keep things really simple… at least I’m going to try! Here’s hoping…


June 5, 2008. Charis, Joys of Parenting.

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