new surprise…

 As a little girls birthday approaches we’ve heard what lovely surprises await for my daughter. She still has another month until the big event, and she already got one of her presents early!!! Her Papa is wrapped perfectly around her little pinky finger. So, what’s the new surprise you ask??? A lovely little tikes car, with all the bells and wistles…well maybe not bells, but it does have a cell phone! Yesterday she continally showed her appriciation for it by; watching Curious George in it, playing dress up in it, playing blocks in it, playing baby dolls in it…she even had her lunch in it!!! I’m sure you get the point that she loves this thing!!! It’s currently in the house, and although it is a little large, I like thought of her getting in and out of it herself on nice soft carpet than the hard pavement outside. I guess now’s the time to box away anything that she’s outgrown toy wise, and make room for the big girl toys. I love Grandparents! Now I just need a bigger house to fit everything in!!!


June 17, 2008. amusing, Charis, Joys of Parenting.

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  1. Ruthie and Jaime replied:

    You know what I like to do? Box up all the toys they are tired of and don’t want to get rid of and bring them to Grandma and Grandpas house for something to play with over there, it is like sweet revenge.

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