Out of the mouth of babes…

Just a few random things that have been coming out of Charis’ mouth.

“Oh my word!!!”

“Hi Drangia, hi!!!” as we passed our hydrangia bushes. This is said while waving to the hydrangia, ofcourse!

“Oh my goodness.”

“Otay!” The little rascles version of okay=-).

“Bless her, Jesus. Bless her.” Or him, or a specific name. Yesterday she prayed for God to bless the grass that Daddy mowed. She doesn’t like the lawn mower. I guess she figured the grass doesn’t either.

“Where’s Chiokie?” She named her toy girraff after one she got to feed at the Zoo.

“One more please, Mommy. Just one more Mommy.” This is said several times over. She’s a little to smart… she uses the polite “Mommy” to soften me up. If she really wants to butter me up it’s, “Please, may I have more, Mommy?” It’s a lot harder to say no when she’s being polite! 

“Just a little bit!” This is always said with a visual of touching her thumb to her index finger, and waving it in front of her eye. Note only one eye watches, the other is closed to signify it’s that much of a “little bit”.

DDDAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYY””’SSSSSSS  HHHHHOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!! For those of you that are dizzy trying to read that, it says Daddy’s home (at the top of her lungs). Usually there’s a lot of vibrato while shouting it, do to running to meet Daddy at the door! =-)


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 I’ve always been a baby wearing Momma. I started out with a ring sling, and still use it for my 33lbs 2 year old! Simple has a great giveaway right now for a ring sling or a baby pouch! Check it out here, http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/. These rocking baby slings are soooo cute! I the love the “hold me” pink and brown ring sling! So my colors. You can also check out there website here, http://www.rockinbabysling.com/shop/baby_slings/page3.html.

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Broken kitchen=-(

 Well, this week has been quite eventful, that’s for sure. We’ve been have cleaners coming and going, trying to get our house back in order. They took out three of my kitchen cupboards…two of them containing my most important stuff! So my counters are covered with boxes of herbs, canned goods, ect. They also cleaned soot off of all our stuff (books, pictures) stuff like that and boxed them up too! It looks like when we first moved in…minus the oven/stove….and a big black smelly wall! At least the carpets are cleaned again!!!

  I’ve been without a stove and oven for way to long now. We don’t eat out much, and don’t use the microwave much either. Today, while talking to one of the many insurance people, I asked how long it could be before my beloved stove and oven are back. He said probably a 11/2-2weeks! Yikes…not good news for a stay at home mommy/wifey that cooks! Thankfully I was able to borrow a little burner from work, so that should help a bit! I hope it works!!! I guess the crock pot and barbecue are going to be our friends too! At least my house doesn’t smell like smoke, much anyway. Hopefully they bomb tomorrow, and hang our blinds back up! That leaves the painting, new cabinets, and stove oven left!!!

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Happy birthday to you…

Last night was Charis birthday party for the family, and boy was it exciting. Things were off to a great start. Charis was napping, cake was baked, things were all coming together…until the jalapeno poppers anyway. We had a few guests early, so we were visiting in the midst of getting horderves (spelling?) together. I ran to the other room to grab something, and on the way I noticed black spoke immersing from the boiling pot. I just thought “oh great, the oil is burning. There goes the snacks.” Then hollered forZak, and instantly was clouded with smoke. I couldn’t see to turn off the burner, so Zak grabbed a potholder and attempted to move it off the burner. While doing this he began to remove the lid, and flames flew. To make a long story not so long, Charis had four fire trucks, an ambulance, a squad car, and a chief’s SUV. We actually put the fire out before we called them (we being my hubby, Dad and Mom), but wanted the place checked out. We had like 20 firefighters show up.

Neighbors we very kind, giving us bottled water, sharing a shaded porch (it was hot outside), and even their bathroom=-). Charis got to meet a fire woman named Charis! It’s not every day that you meet another Charis…especially spelled the same way. She was also given a teddy bear, and a fire hat. She was pretty concerned about the whole thing. One ff came over to say happy birthday in his fire suite and all. Everyone was so kind…especially our parents.

We decided to move the party to my in-laws house, and try and forget about the smokey mess waiting for us. We stayed the night there as well, and today I’ve been trying to air the place out and wash as much as possible! I’m so thankful that no one was badly injured, and that it was any worse than it was. My hubby posted a few pics he took. You can see them here.  http://www.zakadams.com/?p=233 I’m sure they’ll be more soon. You should see my pasta pot!

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My BIG Girl!

  Well, two years ago today I was blessed to hold my darling daughter for the first time. These past two years have been filled with so much joy, and other emotions too=-P! Thank you Charis for blessing my life…I don’t know what my life (and Daddy’s) would be like without you! Happy Birthday Charis…I pray that this coming year is filled with more joy and lots of Jesus! Mommy and Daddy love you!!!

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Ode to Birds

My daughter was peeking out the window, watching the birds in a nearby tree. She’s been known for making up silly songs, so I told her to sing a song to the birds. Instead she began reciting poetry. Here’s my little poetic toddler’s first composition.

“Oh bird…oh birdie in tree,

Green tree.

Oh bird…fly away bird.”

Maybe this family will have two songwriters in it! Or one songwriter and one poet!

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Tea Time!!!

 Life’s been quite busy lately with photoshoots, vactions, family in town, and ofcourse Charis’ 2nd birthday party. She had a tea party yesterday with a few of her buddies! It was so fun. Tutu’s and tea cups filled the house, along with smiley, giggely girls! I had a few activities planned if the girls got bored, and thankfully didn’t need to touch them. They just had a ball sippy tea (white grape juice) and playing with each other! One of her freinds even commented on how my house was a fun place. I thought that was pretty cute.

 Charis has been telling me about all the fun things for her party! She was blessed to receive some lovely gifts too! She got a dress up Curious George puzzle, a tea party game, and a pair of omish dolls made by a talented mommy of two of Charis’ pals. She’s decided to name them Daddy Abraham and Mommy Abigail. She giggles so much when she plays with them.

 While preparing for the big event (baking, cleaning, and all the what have yous) I stopped wondering why people fork out a ton of money to do a party somewhere else, and buy a cake! Would I do that…probably not! I’m way too practical, and now that I’ve got my first cake from scratch under my belt, I don’t feel nearly so intimidated! Thanks for the recipe Jaime=-)! Another thing that prayerfully will be different next year, is our home…it’s not very big, so entertaining isn’t the easiest. It’s not a bad as other homes we’ve lived in, but for a hand full of people (or running  toddlers) it gets tight! What made it all completely worth it was seeing the smile on my daughters face!!! Oh, and hearing her talk about her tea party!!! I love the blessings of mommy-hood!

I posted some pics I took of Charis last week. We were at my parents house visiting. She and Grandma Jana went upstairs to get some toys, and she came down in the flower girl dress that my niece wore in my wedding! She looks adorable…I’m so thankful I had my little camera on me!!! Check them out here.


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Family time

For those of you that know us personally, you know my hubby is not a 9-5 kind of a guy. He’s not a work-o-holic either… when you own a business it requires a lot of your time. It’s all we’ve know, so it doesn’t bother me. It just makes our time together all the more special!! This past week however, we were blessed to have five beautiful days together as a family! It was such a blessing.

 One thing that’s nice about not vacationing much, is that when you finally have it, you make sure you enjoy every bit of it!!! We took our daughter to the zoo. I think I enjoyed it as much as she did! Charis and I both got to feed giraffs…that was soooo much fun! She’s still talking about her favorite animals. I have a feeling that she’s going to be talking for a while=-)! The Lord blessed us with great weather, and a lovely time together.

I just udlaoded some pics from our trip…you can view them here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/26168413@N07/?saved=1

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