Tea Time!!!

 Life’s been quite busy lately with photoshoots, vactions, family in town, and ofcourse Charis’ 2nd birthday party. She had a tea party yesterday with a few of her buddies! It was so fun. Tutu’s and tea cups filled the house, along with smiley, giggely girls! I had a few activities planned if the girls got bored, and thankfully didn’t need to touch them. They just had a ball sippy tea (white grape juice) and playing with each other! One of her freinds even commented on how my house was a fun place. I thought that was pretty cute.

 Charis has been telling me about all the fun things for her party! She was blessed to receive some lovely gifts too! She got a dress up Curious George puzzle, a tea party game, and a pair of omish dolls made by a talented mommy of two of Charis’ pals. She’s decided to name them Daddy Abraham and Mommy Abigail. She giggles so much when she plays with them.

 While preparing for the big event (baking, cleaning, and all the what have yous) I stopped wondering why people fork out a ton of money to do a party somewhere else, and buy a cake! Would I do that…probably not! I’m way too practical, and now that I’ve got my first cake from scratch under my belt, I don’t feel nearly so intimidated! Thanks for the recipe Jaime=-)! Another thing that prayerfully will be different next year, is our home…it’s not very big, so entertaining isn’t the easiest. It’s not a bad as other homes we’ve lived in, but for a hand full of people (or running  toddlers) it gets tight! What made it all completely worth it was seeing the smile on my daughters face!!! Oh, and hearing her talk about her tea party!!! I love the blessings of mommy-hood!

I posted some pics I took of Charis last week. We were at my parents house visiting. She and Grandma Jana went upstairs to get some toys, and she came down in the flower girl dress that my niece wore in my wedding! She looks adorable…I’m so thankful I had my little camera on me!!! Check them out here.



July 14, 2008. Charis.

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