Happy birthday to you…

Last night was Charis birthday party for the family, and boy was it exciting. Things were off to a great start. Charis was napping, cake was baked, things were all coming together…until the jalapeno poppers anyway. We had a few guests early, so we were visiting in the midst of getting horderves (spelling?) together. I ran to the other room to grab something, and on the way I noticed black spoke immersing from the boiling pot. I just thought “oh great, the oil is burning. There goes the snacks.” Then hollered forZak, and instantly was clouded with smoke. I couldn’t see to turn off the burner, so Zak grabbed a potholder and attempted to move it off the burner. While doing this he began to remove the lid, and flames flew. To make a long story not so long, Charis had four fire trucks, an ambulance, a squad car, and a chief’s SUV. We actually put the fire out before we called them (we being my hubby, Dad and Mom), but wanted the place checked out. We had like 20 firefighters show up.

Neighbors we very kind, giving us bottled water, sharing a shaded porch (it was hot outside), and even their bathroom=-). Charis got to meet a fire woman named Charis! It’s not every day that you meet another Charis…especially spelled the same way. She was also given a teddy bear, and a fire hat. She was pretty concerned about the whole thing. One ff came over to say happy birthday in his fire suite and all. Everyone was so kind…especially our parents.

We decided to move the party to my in-laws house, and try and forget about the smokey mess waiting for us. We stayed the night there as well, and today I’ve been trying to air the place out and wash as much as possible! I’m so thankful that no one was badly injured, and that it was any worse than it was. My hubby posted a few pics he took. You can see them here.  http://www.zakadams.com/?p=233 I’m sure they’ll be more soon. You should see my pasta pot!


July 21, 2008. Tags: . Charis, Zak.

One Comment

  1. Ruthie and Jaime replied:

    What an experience. That will make for a memorable birthday party. Especially getting to hang out with the neighbors and eat shaded PORK, I will have to get that recipe it sounds interesting!?!
    Just teasing I knew you meant porch.

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