Broken kitchen=-(

 Well, this week has been quite eventful, that’s for sure. We’ve been have cleaners coming and going, trying to get our house back in order. They took out three of my kitchen cupboards…two of them containing my most important stuff! So my counters are covered with boxes of herbs, canned goods, ect. They also cleaned soot off of all our stuff (books, pictures) stuff like that and boxed them up too! It looks like when we first moved in…minus the oven/stove….and a big black smelly wall! At least the carpets are cleaned again!!!

  I’ve been without a stove and oven for way to long now. We don’t eat out much, and don’t use the microwave much either. Today, while talking to one of the many insurance people, I asked how long it could be before my beloved stove and oven are back. He said probably a 11/2-2weeks! Yikes…not good news for a stay at home mommy/wifey that cooks! Thankfully I was able to borrow a little burner from work, so that should help a bit! I hope it works!!! I guess the crock pot and barbecue are going to be our friends too! At least my house doesn’t smell like smoke, much anyway. Hopefully they bomb tomorrow, and hang our blinds back up! That leaves the painting, new cabinets, and stove oven left!!!


July 24, 2008. amusing.

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  1. Ruthie and Jaime replied:

    Maybe you should just go camping for a couple weeks! 🙂

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