Out of the mouth of babes…

Just a few random things that have been coming out of Charis’ mouth.

“Oh my word!!!”

“Hi Drangia, hi!!!” as we passed our hydrangia bushes. This is said while waving to the hydrangia, ofcourse!

“Oh my goodness.”

“Otay!” The little rascles version of okay=-).

“Bless her, Jesus. Bless her.” Or him, or a specific name. Yesterday she prayed for God to bless the grass that Daddy mowed. She doesn’t like the lawn mower. I guess she figured the grass doesn’t either.

“Where’s Chiokie?” She named her toy girraff after one she got to feed at the Zoo.

“One more please, Mommy. Just one more Mommy.” This is said several times over. She’s a little to smart… she uses the polite “Mommy” to soften me up. If she really wants to butter me up it’s, “Please, may I have more, Mommy?” It’s a lot harder to say no when she’s being polite! 

“Just a little bit!” This is always said with a visual of touching her thumb to her index finger, and waving it in front of her eye. Note only one eye watches, the other is closed to signify it’s that much of a “little bit”.

DDDAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYY””’SSSSSSS  HHHHHOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!! For those of you that are dizzy trying to read that, it says Daddy’s home (at the top of her lungs). Usually there’s a lot of vibrato while shouting it, do to running to meet Daddy at the door! =-)


July 31, 2008. amusing, Charis, Joys of Parenting.

One Comment

  1. Ruthie and Jaime replied:

    Very cute! The “Oh my goodness” sounds like a mimic of Jean, and doesn’t everyone talk to the flowers in the garden, especially hydrangea? I love it when Daddy comes home at our house too, it is so cute how they love their Daddy’s. Ruthie’s big thing is how strong Daddy is, on our walk she was saying we should bring daddy so he could pick up the rock so we could look for bugs and stuff (the rock was about the size of the Geo!).

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