The next Shirley Temple…

Lately Charis has been enjoying watching Shirley Temple movies (as often as Mommy lets her anyway), and I think her toe tapping feet have rubbed off on my little one. Last week Papa G and Nana Jackie took the family to the fair. She was all excited to see the animals…that is until she heard the swing band. Here’s a vidoe of her enjoying the music. It was hard not to laugh! She was dancing for at least fifteen to twenty minutes…at that point we had to drag her away, tears and all. She would have gladly stayed there listening to the music and dancing the whole day! Maybe tap shoes are headed are way!


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Changes in life…

 Well, things have definitely been different around here the past few weeks. We’ve been blessed to see a lot more of Daddy lately. Our place is still a little burnt looking. It’s been a month since we’ve had cabinets and white walls! I guess next week that’s supposed to get fixed and it’s about time! I don’t think I’m going to be complaining about not having enough cupboard space any time soon. Through this whole incident, I’ve come to the conclusion…that our rental agency doesn’t do much at all! It’s really a realty agency and manages a few rentals, but all they’ve managed to do is ignore the calls from the restoration crew to okay things! Oh well, I guess I should focus on the positive, like having my house back next week!!! No more finding Charis getting into the chocolate sprinkles first thing in the morning!!! Yeah!!!

 This summer has completely flown by, what with our trip to Seattle, Charis’ birthday parties (and the fire), selling the Cottage, and celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. Now as summer’s coming to an end, we’re getting ready for a year of homeschooling with Charis. We’ve been doing in every once and a while since spring. I’ve discovered that if I don’t challenge my daughter mentally, she’s a  challenge to me =-)! She’s beginning phonics, and is doing pretty well. She has such a desire to read, and all ready understands reading. The other day we were on a bike ride (me peddling and her in the kiddy cart drinking her sippy), she began to decipher “P L A Y T E X. That spells sippy cup!” She’s been doing that with everything! It’s really humorous! At this rate she’ll be reading before she stops sucking her thumb! That’s what we’ve been working on most! We’ve been using band-aids and apple-cider vinegar (yuk…she smells like salad come bed time!) and she still sneaks her thumb in her mouth! Oh, well… off to stuff diapers!

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Mommy who???

 For years I was what I call a mommy by trade. I loved and nurtured infants and toddlers, and made a living at it. I loved this time of my life…I was kind of a co-mommy to those little ones, from 6am-6pm. I was Miss Jo to the moms and dads, and became “Na’na” to the babies. Eventually as they got older I became their      Jo-Na’na.

 When I was blessed to be a 24’7 mommy I embraced every bond possible that I couldn’t be apart of with my shared babies. Nursing was wonderful…it almost defined her as more mine! It sound silly I’m sure. When she was a newborn she did a lot of sign language. I remember my heart would melt when she would sign mommy when I’d come into her vision! Once it verbally came into the picture, I was thrilled it was finally my turn the hear the blessed word “Mommy” be addressed to my I was thrilled.

  Now that my daughter is conversationalist, she likes calling things by name…this includes me and her Daddy. We’ve got her to a place now where she says Daddy Zachary and Mommy Joanna. Zak likes it, but I on the other hand don’t! I’m all about being “Mommy”. When I think of “mommy” I think of the one a child runs to when they need help. This “Mommy JO” thing reminds me of someone that isn’t your first choice. I know I’m a total dork, but hey…it’s the way I am!

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Saying goodbye…

 Today I said goodbye to a big part of my life (and my family’s life)! We’ve been privileged to own and run a childcare (by far the best in the area). It’s really so much more than a childcare… it’s a place where children are loved, and shown Jesus. I personally think that it’s best for kids to stay at home, but for those that couldn’t we were able to maintain a loving environment. Now this season in my (our) life is coming to an end…we are now able to turn it over to another loving family! It’s sad and exciting all at the same time! We have no clue what God has next for us, but I’m sure that season will be just as beautiful as the last, and I trust that the kiddos still attending will continue to be blessed in the years to come!

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Rabuna Fi

 Lately I’ve been seeing the Lord work use little things in a big way. I was blessed with the oppritunity to throw a Rabuna Fi party. It’s apart of Far Reaching Ministries in Africa. When Vicky was feeling led to start a Bible study for the women of Africa, she seen that the women struggle to provide for their families, and were unable to come to study. She saw a need to help the women provide for their families, but also a greater need to teach them Jesus! She then brought them supplies to make crafts, and would buy the crafts with her own money. While doing all this, she also managed to have a Bible study. This was the beginning of Rabuna Fi.

 Now the ministry has expanded to allow women all over the US to help as well! All you need is a living room, and DVD player (a box of tissue is helpful too!). It’s a time to look beyond our boaders and see life our brothers and sisters in Christ, and how we can help. Rabuna Fi sent me a “party in a box”. It contained invitations, a DVD, newsletters, and crafts that the women in Africa made. We were able to have a time of prayer, which was awesome! I got a beautiful necklace, and love it!!! If anyone is interested in throwing a party themselves, or would like to purchase a craft on line, check out their website! I’m posting some new pictures on flicker.

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