Rabuna Fi

 Lately I’ve been seeing the Lord work use little things in a big way. I was blessed with the oppritunity to throw a Rabuna Fi party. It’s apart of Far Reaching Ministries in Africa. When Vicky was feeling led to start a Bible study for the women of Africa, she seen that the women struggle to provide for their families, and were unable to come to study. She saw a need to help the women provide for their families, but also a greater need to teach them Jesus! She then brought them supplies to make crafts, and would buy the crafts with her own money. While doing all this, she also managed to have a Bible study. This was the beginning of Rabuna Fi.

 Now the ministry has expanded to allow women all over the US to help as well! All you need is a living room, and DVD player (a box of tissue is helpful too!). It’s a time to look beyond our boaders and see life our brothers and sisters in Christ, and how we can help. Rabuna Fi sent me a “party in a box”. It contained invitations, a DVD, newsletters, and crafts that the women in Africa made. We were able to have a time of prayer, which was awesome! I got a beautiful necklace, and love it!!! If anyone is interested in throwing a party themselves, or would like to purchase a craft on line, check out their website! www.rabunafi.com I’m posting some new pictures on flicker.


August 4, 2008. Africa.

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