Mommy who???

 For years I was what I call a mommy by trade. I loved and nurtured infants and toddlers, and made a living at it. I loved this time of my life…I was kind of a co-mommy to those little ones, from 6am-6pm. I was Miss Jo to the moms and dads, and became “Na’na” to the babies. Eventually as they got older I became their      Jo-Na’na.

 When I was blessed to be a 24’7 mommy I embraced every bond possible that I couldn’t be apart of with my shared babies. Nursing was wonderful…it almost defined her as more mine! It sound silly I’m sure. When she was a newborn she did a lot of sign language. I remember my heart would melt when she would sign mommy when I’d come into her vision! Once it verbally came into the picture, I was thrilled it was finally my turn the hear the blessed word “Mommy” be addressed to my I was thrilled.

  Now that my daughter is conversationalist, she likes calling things by name…this includes me and her Daddy. We’ve got her to a place now where she says Daddy Zachary and Mommy Joanna. Zak likes it, but I on the other hand don’t! I’m all about being “Mommy”. When I think of “mommy” I think of the one a child runs to when they need help. This “Mommy JO” thing reminds me of someone that isn’t your first choice. I know I’m a total dork, but hey…it’s the way I am!


August 13, 2008. Charis, Joys of Parenting.


  1. Auntie Jaime replied:

    Mommy Jo sounds like a house mother of a southern girls’ school. 🙂 Dave said to tell you “That’s what you get for making her so smart.” 😛 She’s such a cute little person. I can’t wait to see you guys again. I miss you and I love you.


  2. Jaime replied:

    I agree with you, it isn’t personal enough. Like those who have step parents, and have more than one mom. I am blessed to not have to share that title so I don’t want them to use my name. Matt and I both don’t allow them to call us by our name.

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