Beco Carrier Giveaway!!!

 This has to be the best giveaway at S.I.M.P.L.E. yet!!! Shortly after I made the plunge in buying my Ergo, I discovered the Beco carrier. They’re a bit more in price, but aside from looking a hundred times cuter, they have added features the Ergo lacks. I have yet to justify making another large purchase, but I would love love love to win it!!! Simple is hosting the giveaway through BabySNAZZ. Check out their website here. . They have a ton of Mommy must haves. Also check out the giveaway at Simple. .


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The price we pay for clean carpets!

Ever since Charis was a newborn, she’s had a BIG fear of the vacuum cleaner…especially my IROBOT. Even my Bissel brings her to tears. That was completely understandable when she was a baby, but now that she’s two, I feel like this should be easing up…but instead it’s getting worse. Today she was terrified. When she first saw me pulling it out, she migrated all of her baby dolls to her bed, so as to avoid the wrath of the howling machine. When it came time for me to do her room, I asked her if she’d like to play on her bed with her babies or go in the other room. Her lip puckered up as she gazed at her beloved dolls, trying to be brave for them, and left the room with as many as she could cram in her arms. As soon as I turned it off, she came running in to make sure the monster hadn’t harmed her precious children. After careful examination of each baby was made, she then ran to her blocks, and grabbing the longest one possible and picking it up at one end she was rubbing it across the floor, saying cheerfully, “my vacuum, my vacuum!” What can I say… other than I have an all around crazy kido…at least she fits into the family well!!!

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How to homeschool a two year old…

 Homeschooling begins pretty quick for us…I’m officially starting next week. Charis really has a desire to learn anything and everything, so I figure I better feed that desire while it’s there. A lot of what we are doing is age appropriate for anywhere from 2-4 years old. This is what I’ll bee doing. I’m alternating things every other week.

Week 1

Monday~ Before Five in a Row, Phonics/reading, My first Color & Trace (by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Tuesday~ BFIAR, Phonics/reading, Let’s fold/cut (also by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Wednesday~BFIAR, Reading/phonics, My first color/trace, Nature walk/nature journal (drawing what she likes, or taking a picture of a treasure she found while on her nature walk), Bible/Scripture Memorization.

Thursday~ BFIAR, Let’s fold & Cut, My first color/trace, Bible Scripture Memorization.

Week 2~

Monday~ Let’s fold/cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture Memorization, Prayer for missions/missionaries, Reading/phonics.

Tuesday~ Lapbook studies, Nature Walks/jornal, Bible study/scripture memorization, Prayer, Reading/phonics.

Wednesday~ Lap book studies, Let’s Fold/Cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture memorization.

Thursday~ Lapbook studies, Nature walk/journal, Bible/scripture/prayer, Reading/phonics.

 This may seem like a lot, but we already do a lot of these things often. It should only be around an hour a day… which is going to be spread throughout the day by 20 minute increments, unless of course she’s engaged in whatever we’re doing! I’m also making it a four day week, so if we need to go grocery shopping, or something comes up we have an extra day. If she’s content with three days a week, I might do that instead of four! I just wanted to make structured time a part of her routine, and I might as well start it while there’s only her, and while she’s interested.

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