How to homeschool a two year old…

 Homeschooling begins pretty quick for us…I’m officially starting next week. Charis really has a desire to learn anything and everything, so I figure I better feed that desire while it’s there. A lot of what we are doing is age appropriate for anywhere from 2-4 years old. This is what I’ll bee doing. I’m alternating things every other week.

Week 1

Monday~ Before Five in a Row, Phonics/reading, My first Color & Trace (by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Tuesday~ BFIAR, Phonics/reading, Let’s fold/cut (also by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Wednesday~BFIAR, Reading/phonics, My first color/trace, Nature walk/nature journal (drawing what she likes, or taking a picture of a treasure she found while on her nature walk), Bible/Scripture Memorization.

Thursday~ BFIAR, Let’s fold & Cut, My first color/trace, Bible Scripture Memorization.

Week 2~

Monday~ Let’s fold/cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture Memorization, Prayer for missions/missionaries, Reading/phonics.

Tuesday~ Lapbook studies, Nature Walks/jornal, Bible study/scripture memorization, Prayer, Reading/phonics.

Wednesday~ Lap book studies, Let’s Fold/Cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture memorization.

Thursday~ Lapbook studies, Nature walk/journal, Bible/scripture/prayer, Reading/phonics.

 This may seem like a lot, but we already do a lot of these things often. It should only be around an hour a day… which is going to be spread throughout the day by 20 minute increments, unless of course she’s engaged in whatever we’re doing! I’m also making it a four day week, so if we need to go grocery shopping, or something comes up we have an extra day. If she’s content with three days a week, I might do that instead of four! I just wanted to make structured time a part of her routine, and I might as well start it while there’s only her, and while she’s interested.


September 1, 2008. Charis, homeschooling, Joys of Parenting.

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