Another Beco!!!!

 So, sadly I didn’t win a Beco the last giveaway, but SIMPLE is giving another one away!!! Check it out here, . It’s from Babysnaz . They have a great variety of baby carriers!


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What’s a mom to do?

  For the past few months (since Charis turned 2), we’ve been trying to wean her of the thumb! It’s been a battle that we have yet to win, or even see the possability of winning. I used to be an infant/waddler teacher, and helped wean many babies of bottles and binkies, but the thumb is attached. You can’t throw it in the garbage or cut the tip off, like you can an object.

 Thumb sucking doesn’t bother me…in fact I think it’s adorable when a baby sucks her thumb, but when that baby is a toddler that looks like a preschooler it’s not so cute. Especially when you’re already seeing her teeth going crooked! So far we’ve tried two methods; band-aids & apple-cider vinegar. She pulls the bandaids (even if they’re curious George ones) off and could care less that her beloved thumb tastes aweful. I don’t want to put a harmful chemical on her thumb. Do any moms have some suggestions?

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My Guy…

I can think of dozens of reasons to boast about my guy, and this week was a big reminder of him showing love. He was diaper changer (yes cloth diapers girls!), cook (several meals), dish washer, ect. He made sure my every need was met, along with Charis’ too. Never once did he complain…not even when it was a poppy diaper in his fate. I’m so blessed by him. It really reminds me of Christ, and His love for the church. He meets every need, and is joyful to help when it’s too much for you on your own. I’m blessed most by my first love, but I am also very thankful for the Godly man He chose for me to spend life on this earth with. Love you Babe!

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Another giveaway!!!!

Simple is hosting another great giveaway!!! On the Flipside is an adorable etsy site! Everything is reversible!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m all about getting more for my buck, so having two outfits in one perfect for this family! Check out their website here . Also be sure and check our SIMPLE. They’re constantly hosting great giveaways…and they’re looking for a new mommy for reveiws!!! .

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To pull or not to pull…

  I’ve put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for years, and can escape it no more. Unless…just kidding. I’m ready to be rid of them. My surgery is set for Monday, but I’ve managed to catch a lovely cold! I’m now waiting to here back on whether or not I’m well enough to go through with it! I would much rather be healthy and do it, than have to reschedule the appointment (and making sure Grandma’s are available ect.).

  On another note it’s been nice having Daddy around more often. He’s been continuing music lessons through our home. At first it was a bit of an adjustment, keeping Charis quiet and doubling our living room as a lobby, but I think we’re all used to having a few new faces around the house. Having Daddy available in the mornings has helped me run errands without a two year old! That’s been a blessing. One thing that’s been a little harder is getting things done while Daddy’s at home. Homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, you name it… I’m just so used to getting everything done while he’s gone! Well, the munchkin is getting in to mischief as usual. Off to put her to bed!

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