To pull or not to pull…

  I’ve put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for years, and can escape it no more. Unless…just kidding. I’m ready to be rid of them. My surgery is set for Monday, but I’ve managed to catch a lovely cold! I’m now waiting to here back on whether or not I’m well enough to go through with it! I would much rather be healthy and do it, than have to reschedule the appointment (and making sure Grandma’s are available ect.).

  On another note it’s been nice having Daddy around more often. He’s been continuing music lessons through our home. At first it was a bit of an adjustment, keeping Charis quiet and doubling our living room as a lobby, but I think we’re all used to having a few new faces around the house. Having Daddy available in the mornings has helped me run errands without a two year old! That’s been a blessing. One thing that’s been a little harder is getting things done while Daddy’s at home. Homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, you name it… I’m just so used to getting everything done while he’s gone! Well, the munchkin is getting in to mischief as usual. Off to put her to bed!


October 3, 2008. Charis, homeschooling, Zak.

One Comment

  1. Jaime replied:

    Be careful when you get your wisdom teeth pulled, make sure they know which ones they are pulling before they put you to sleep. I have a good story about that from when I had mine out. I hope you get healthy for it and I am sure it will be no big deal for you. God bless and don’t worry about chores just enjoy having the daddy home while it lasts.

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