What’s a mom to do?

  For the past few months (since Charis turned 2), we’ve been trying to wean her of the thumb! It’s been a battle that we have yet to win, or even see the possability of winning. I used to be an infant/waddler teacher, and helped wean many babies of bottles and binkies, but the thumb is attached. You can’t throw it in the garbage or cut the tip off, like you can an object.

 Thumb sucking doesn’t bother me…in fact I think it’s adorable when a baby sucks her thumb, but when that baby is a toddler that looks like a preschooler it’s not so cute. Especially when you’re already seeing her teeth going crooked! So far we’ve tried two methods; band-aids & apple-cider vinegar. She pulls the bandaids (even if they’re curious George ones) off and could care less that her beloved thumb tastes aweful. I don’t want to put a harmful chemical on her thumb. Do any moms have some suggestions?


October 23, 2008. Tags: . Charis, Joys of Parenting.

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