My little Shirley Temple

Enough personality? I'd say so!

Enough personality? I

Last year was the first time my little one dressed up. I made her a tutu with ribbon, tulle, and sewing glue!



For Auntie Mandy!

For Auntie Mandy!

It was fun, but this

Loving those Shirley curls!

Loving those Shirley curls!

A girl who loves shoes!

A girl who loves shoes!

year was much more fun! It helps now that I can sewing without glue! Haha. This year Zak and I decided it’d be fun having her dress up like Shirley Temple! She loves watching her movies, and knows most of her songs. She couldn’t wait to dress like Shirley! For those of you that missed seeing her at the Harvest party, here’s some pics of the lovely Shirley.


November 3, 2008. Charis.

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  1. Jaime replied:

    We saw a Shirley Temple sing and dance along movie at the library the other day so I picked it up. We watched it and the girls and I agree that Charis is a pretty good likeness. Good Job! And from getting the little dance show she gave us, I can say she is quite similar in voice and expressions too. What a perfect costume for her.

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