Life without Daddy…

 It’s funny how much you don’t realize you need someone…until they’re gone that is. Zak and I don’t part much, but have done pretty well in the past. He hadn’t taken a trip without me since I was about eight months prego, that is until this week. I was up to the task of playing single parent. One thing I wasn’t expecting was a complete lack of sleep. Not from Charis mind you, but the lack of my hubby! I guess being married as long as we have does this to you. The answer to my problem (and no it’s not a good one)…grab the toddler and bring her in your bed. So instead of no sleep, I got very little (she’s a kicker). So not only was there only one parent around, but that one parent was a tired one (tired mommy=no patience). Overall, we survived and are so glad to have him back…and we’re also glad he had a great time! What I learned from this trip…is that life without him is just no fun!


November 14, 2008. Joys of Parenting, Zak.

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