Two Months….

Okay, so I’ve officially neglected my blog for way too long. I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen! I’m afraid I too have been sucked into the wonderful world of facebook! We are getting settled into our new home, and loving it. Painting, wallpapering and frequent trips to Lows have been our time filler. We’re just taking it one room at a time!
Charis is continually growing. I hard to believe she’s still only two years old. She’s doing so much, and understanding so much! She started grasping phonics and is now sounding out words, and with some help, she’s reading the beginners pre-k reading books. I’m really liking this preschool stage…at least having only one of them! I’m sure a whole class full is way too much for me=-).
Now that the playroom is up and running (pictures are coming…promise) I’ve decided to put it to good use, and started to watch another little one. Actually it started today. She and Charis are currently napping, giving me the time to catch up on blogging. If the Lord opens up a door for another little one, that’s fine too. We’ll see what happens!
Now just to fill the spar bedrooms with siblings, and we’ll be set! Haha. All in God’s perfect timing! I just finished reading a really great book about adoption…I’ve actually read it twice. It’s called “The Strength of Mercy”. For those praying about adoption, pick one up! You can find it at
Well, I’ll try and be better at this blogging thing. In the next week or two we should have some more projects done on the house to she pictures! TTFN


February 24, 2009. Uncategorized.

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