Where’s my tiara?

I know I’ve been very MIA lately. Life’s been taking a lot of different turns lately, and I’ve just trying to go with it all! Charis is going to be three in a few more weeks!!! It seems like yesterday that I called Zak with the exciting news! Since then life’s been a bit of a blur. She’s brought us so much joy…and I’m sure this joy willed be added when The Lord leads us to another special little one (or two or three) meant to be in our family!

Our little lady requested quite the party this year…it started with a mermaid, water, swimming, princess, animal party. After a lot of changing her mind, we finally settled on a princess dress up party! I’m looking forward to having several adorable little girls dress in the funnest garb ever…maybe I’ll have to dress up too! What mama doesn’t need a feather boa? I can’t wait to see my little lady sporting her new dress, really her first meant for dress up.  I’ve made her tutus, crazy hats, even capes, but this will be her first dress up dress, and it’s adorable. Man have things changed since I’ve been a little girl!

So far I have pin the crown on the princess, and I’m going to pick up a princess pinata, I was also thinking of making purses the girls can decorate with glitter glue…we’ll see how ambitious I am! I’d love some ideas! Off to play with my kiddo…I love being a mom!


June 30, 2009. Charis, Joys of Parenting.

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