Why I cloth diaper…

I know it’s become the trend to be more eco friendly. I’m not against that, but that definitely isn’t the reason why I made the switch. I was a pampers snob…nothing else touched my babies bottom…except once. That experience led to my daughter getting a chemical burn on her heiny. That’s when I officially started to wonder what I was really putting on my kiddo! Here’s something I came across today that made me flash back a year and a half ago!

Natural Diapers without Gel

Have you ever found yourself wiping shiny gel-like crystals off your baby’s bottom when changing a disposable diaper?

That gel is sodium polyacrylate, a super absorbent polymer used in disposable diapers. According to the Real Diaper Association, “This chemical can cause skin irritations and severe allergic reactions including vomiting, staph infections and fever.” Super absorbent polymers were banned from tampons when linked to toxic shock syndrome. If you have a disposable diaper handy, pour a bit of water or saline solution into the diaper and cut it open to see how this gel works.

Natural diapers absorb without gel. You can choose either cloth diapers, which absorb into the core of their spun fibers, or eco-brands of disposable diapers, which use paper pulp to absorb moisture. If massive amounts of disposable diaper waste in landfill concern you, paper diapers do not solve the problem.

In that case, cloth diapers are your best natural diapers–no gel required.

Cloth diapers absorb naturally

If you do not want put diapers with gel next to your baby’s skin, choose cloth diapers, which absorb naturally.

Any absorbent fabric will do the job, but natural fibers absorb the best. There are hemp and organic cotton diapers, and a variety of cloth diapers in fitted, contour, and prefold styles.

Natural fibers pull moisture into their sponge-like core without any need for petroleum-based gel. The surface of cotton attracts water, and the tiny tubes inside fill with water like a bunch of straws. Hemp is even stronger and more absorbent than cotton, adding natural antimicrobial properties and resistance to mold and mildew.

Both cotton and hemp make great natural diapers, without gel.

So that’s the reason why I chose to give cloth a try. Has she been in a sposie since…yes, but I’m cautious on what kind and for how long. I’m in no way trying to make anyone feel less mommy like. Every parent had the right to choose what’s right for there child. Just wanted to share the info! And yes…my hubby changes them too!=-)


June 30, 2009. cloth diapering, Joys of Parenting.

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