Feed your stash…with the new gro-baby system!!!!

So I’ve been wanting to try these daipers sooooo much! Who wouldn’t??? So here’s your chance. Enter the feed your stash Friday here! http://www.clothdiaperblog.com/feed-your-stash-tiny-bubbles-gro-baby-a-wet-bag/#comments

I’ve read great revies about these diapers, and look forward to adding these to my stash.  My lil’ one still uses diaps at bed time, and boy would these look cute on her tush!!!


July 21, 2009. cloth diapering, eco friendly, giveaway.

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  1. Mary Beth replied:

    Hey Joanna Adams!!

    Have you seen that the Real Diaper Association
    (www.realdiaperassociation.org) is launching the Real Diapers, Real Babies
    Photo Contest this week? The contest will be more successful – and thus
    more helpful to the cloth diaper movement – with more publicity. Please help by joining
    the contest! Blog about it! Tweet about it! Buzz about it! See below
    for more information.

    The Real Diaper Association (www.realdiaperassociation.org) is launching
    the Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest this week. Winning photos, as
    selected by RDA members, will grace the pages of their first annual RDA
    Calendar, with the top three winners to receive special prizes. The Grand
    Prize is sponsored by diapershops.com (www.kellyscloset.com), with
    runners-up to receive prizes from Babies in Bloom (www.babies-in-bloom.com)
    and Mama Momo (www.mamamomoonline.biz). Proceeds from calendar sales will
    help to fund the RDA’s support of local cloth diaper advocacy and
    education as well as special projects like the joint project with the Real
    Diaper Industry Association to facilitate the use of cloth diapers in the
    daycare setting. Keep up-to-date with the contest status on the RDA blog
    at http://www.realdiaperevents.org!

    Please contact me or Heather McNamara, RDA Executive Director at
    heatherm@realdiaperassociation.org with any questions. Thanks!

    I am looking forward to seeing your fluffy pic!

    Mary Beth

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