I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair….

That’s what my daughter just sang! That’s about the last thing I’d expect her to sing, since she’s never even seen South Pacific! Usually it’s something from Shirley Temple or a worship song, but this time Rogers and Hamerstine! What can I say…the girl’s a spounge! Happy Tuesday!!! Here’s a pic of her dressed as Shirley Temple last fall! Happy Tuesday!!!


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Wanting to see His face…

This evening I was watching/listening to some Phil Wickham stuff on youtube. I noticed that one song was linked to parts of  the movie, The Passion. Charis was playing next to me, and looked over, asking me who was on the screen (the clip was not gory). Not thinking I casually said Jesus (meaning a person playing Him). She jumped up and said “Jesus…I want to see HIM!”. Oh, that we would all be so excited to get the chance to see our Jesus! I pray  I too would jump up in excitement when I get to see my savior’s face. She was pretty disappointed when it wasn’t really Jesus.

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The next Shirley Temple…

Lately Charis has been enjoying watching Shirley Temple movies (as often as Mommy lets her anyway), and I think her toe tapping feet have rubbed off on my little one. Last week Papa G and Nana Jackie took the family to the fair. She was all excited to see the animals…that is until she heard the swing band. Here’s a vidoe of her enjoying the music. It was hard not to laugh! She was dancing for at least fifteen to twenty minutes…at that point we had to drag her away, tears and all. She would have gladly stayed there listening to the music and dancing the whole day! Maybe tap shoes are headed are way!

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Changes in life…

 Well, things have definitely been different around here the past few weeks. We’ve been blessed to see a lot more of Daddy lately. Our place is still a little burnt looking. It’s been a month since we’ve had cabinets and white walls! I guess next week that’s supposed to get fixed and it’s about time! I don’t think I’m going to be complaining about not having enough cupboard space any time soon. Through this whole incident, I’ve come to the conclusion…that our rental agency doesn’t do much at all! It’s really a realty agency and manages a few rentals, but all they’ve managed to do is ignore the calls from the restoration crew to okay things! Oh well, I guess I should focus on the positive, like having my house back next week!!! No more finding Charis getting into the chocolate sprinkles first thing in the morning!!! Yeah!!!

 This summer has completely flown by, what with our trip to Seattle, Charis’ birthday parties (and the fire), selling the Cottage, and celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. Now as summer’s coming to an end, we’re getting ready for a year of homeschooling with Charis. We’ve been doing in every once and a while since spring. I’ve discovered that if I don’t challenge my daughter mentally, she’s a  challenge to me =-)! She’s beginning phonics, and is doing pretty well. She has such a desire to read, and all ready understands reading. The other day we were on a bike ride (me peddling and her in the kiddy cart drinking her sippy), she began to decipher “P L A Y T E X. That spells sippy cup!” She’s been doing that with everything! It’s really humorous! At this rate she’ll be reading before she stops sucking her thumb! That’s what we’ve been working on most! We’ve been using band-aids and apple-cider vinegar (yuk…she smells like salad come bed time!) and she still sneaks her thumb in her mouth! Oh, well… off to stuff diapers!

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Out of the mouth of babes…

Just a few random things that have been coming out of Charis’ mouth.

“Oh my word!!!”

“Hi Drangia, hi!!!” as we passed our hydrangia bushes. This is said while waving to the hydrangia, ofcourse!

“Oh my goodness.”

“Otay!” The little rascles version of okay=-).

“Bless her, Jesus. Bless her.” Or him, or a specific name. Yesterday she prayed for God to bless the grass that Daddy mowed. She doesn’t like the lawn mower. I guess she figured the grass doesn’t either.

“Where’s Chiokie?” She named her toy girraff after one she got to feed at the Zoo.

“One more please, Mommy. Just one more Mommy.” This is said several times over. She’s a little to smart… she uses the polite “Mommy” to soften me up. If she really wants to butter me up it’s, “Please, may I have more, Mommy?” It’s a lot harder to say no when she’s being polite! 

“Just a little bit!” This is always said with a visual of touching her thumb to her index finger, and waving it in front of her eye. Note only one eye watches, the other is closed to signify it’s that much of a “little bit”.

DDDAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYY””’SSSSSSS  HHHHHOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!! For those of you that are dizzy trying to read that, it says Daddy’s home (at the top of her lungs). Usually there’s a lot of vibrato while shouting it, do to running to meet Daddy at the door! =-)

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Broken kitchen=-(

 Well, this week has been quite eventful, that’s for sure. We’ve been have cleaners coming and going, trying to get our house back in order. They took out three of my kitchen cupboards…two of them containing my most important stuff! So my counters are covered with boxes of herbs, canned goods, ect. They also cleaned soot off of all our stuff (books, pictures) stuff like that and boxed them up too! It looks like when we first moved in…minus the oven/stove….and a big black smelly wall! At least the carpets are cleaned again!!!

  I’ve been without a stove and oven for way to long now. We don’t eat out much, and don’t use the microwave much either. Today, while talking to one of the many insurance people, I asked how long it could be before my beloved stove and oven are back. He said probably a 11/2-2weeks! Yikes…not good news for a stay at home mommy/wifey that cooks! Thankfully I was able to borrow a little burner from work, so that should help a bit! I hope it works!!! I guess the crock pot and barbecue are going to be our friends too! At least my house doesn’t smell like smoke, much anyway. Hopefully they bomb tomorrow, and hang our blinds back up! That leaves the painting, new cabinets, and stove oven left!!!

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Ode to Birds

My daughter was peeking out the window, watching the birds in a nearby tree. She’s been known for making up silly songs, so I told her to sing a song to the birds. Instead she began reciting poetry. Here’s my little poetic toddler’s first composition.

“Oh bird…oh birdie in tree,

Green tree.

Oh bird…fly away bird.”

Maybe this family will have two songwriters in it! Or one songwriter and one poet!

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new surprise…

 As a little girls birthday approaches we’ve heard what lovely surprises await for my daughter. She still has another month until the big event, and she already got one of her presents early!!! Her Papa is wrapped perfectly around her little pinky finger. So, what’s the new surprise you ask??? A lovely little tikes car, with all the bells and wistles…well maybe not bells, but it does have a cell phone! Yesterday she continally showed her appriciation for it by; watching Curious George in it, playing dress up in it, playing blocks in it, playing baby dolls in it…she even had her lunch in it!!! I’m sure you get the point that she loves this thing!!! It’s currently in the house, and although it is a little large, I like thought of her getting in and out of it herself on nice soft carpet than the hard pavement outside. I guess now’s the time to box away anything that she’s outgrown toy wise, and make room for the big girl toys. I love Grandparents! Now I just need a bigger house to fit everything in!!!

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Mommy brain…

 I’ve been known for having “mommy brain” since having my daughter. It was far worse than when I was pregnant, but it’s still pretty bad. Ysterday I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Whenever I do, I just drop Charis off at work with Daddy…and Nana…and Papa, and off I go.

 There’s been a lot of road work being done on my normal routes there, so I hopped on the Freeway to save time. I’ve been trying to cram so much into this week I think I’m going crazy!!! As I’m going through my endless to do list in my mind, I ended up passing the my exit…no biggie right? Well, it wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t the last exit in our town for several miles! I had to go another town before I could turn back around. So much for being on time, and keeping the gas tank full. Oh well, something to laugh at I guess, and at least I got my hair cut=-)! ! 

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I’d like to buy a vowel…

 Charis has been very intrigued with letters for a while…and new words. Now when I sing ABC’s to her, if I stop she’ll sing the letter that comes next (usually, anyway). Not bad for being 21 months old. Zak and I don’t let her watch too much tv, but one show she absolutely loves is Wheel of Fortune. It’s so weird to me, but it’s proven to be a great learning show. She sits in her chair calling out letters, and when Vanna starts revealing the letters, she cheers joyfully. She doesn’t know what every letter looks like yet, but she’s been getting better! Who would have thought literacy skills would be obtained from America’s favorite game show?

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