I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair….

That’s what my daughter just sang! That’s about the last thing I’d expect her to sing, since she’s never even seen South Pacific! Usually it’s something from Shirley Temple or a worship song, but this time Rogers and Hamerstine! What can I say…the girl’s a spounge! Happy Tuesday!!! Here’s a pic of her dressed as Shirley Temple last fall! Happy Tuesday!!!


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Wanting to see His face…

This evening I was watching/listening to some Phil Wickham stuff on youtube. I noticed that one song was linked to parts of  the movie, The Passion. Charis was playing next to me, and looked over, asking me who was on the screen (the clip was not gory). Not thinking I casually said Jesus (meaning a person playing Him). She jumped up and said “Jesus…I want to see HIM!”. Oh, that we would all be so excited to get the chance to see our Jesus! I pray  I too would jump up in excitement when I get to see my savior’s face. She was pretty disappointed when it wasn’t really Jesus.

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Goodbye thumb???

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a baby sucking their thumb (no pun intended). My daughter was one on the many adorable thumb suckers. The only problem is getting them to stop! In my many years of early childhood, I’ve weaned many babies from binkies and bottles, but never had to wean a baby from sucking their thumb…until Charis that is. For the past year and half we’ve been working on it! We’ve tried apple cider vinegar (she didn’t care that her thumb tasted like a salad), band-aids (she discovered she could take them off), and even just preparing by saying when you’re two, no more thumb. That last one worked for two whole days…then her birthday party went up in flames…literally. The following day when she saw our charred kitchen, in went that thumb and stayed! So since then we’ve attempting, but no progress yet. As her third birthday approaches I hoping this time around sticks (we’re hoping for no flames too)! Hubby’s playing music…time to join in!

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Where’s my tiara?

I know I’ve been very MIA lately. Life’s been taking a lot of different turns lately, and I’ve just trying to go with it all! Charis is going to be three in a few more weeks!!! It seems like yesterday that I called Zak with the exciting news! Since then life’s been a bit of a blur. She’s brought us so much joy…and I’m sure this joy willed be added when The Lord leads us to another special little one (or two or three) meant to be in our family!

Our little lady requested quite the party this year…it started with a mermaid, water, swimming, princess, animal party. After a lot of changing her mind, we finally settled on a princess dress up party! I’m looking forward to having several adorable little girls dress in the funnest garb ever…maybe I’ll have to dress up too! What mama doesn’t need a feather boa? I can’t wait to see my little lady sporting her new dress, really her first meant for dress up.  I’ve made her tutus, crazy hats, even capes, but this will be her first dress up dress, and it’s adorable. Man have things changed since I’ve been a little girl!

So far I have pin the crown on the princess, and I’m going to pick up a princess pinata, I was also thinking of making purses the girls can decorate with glitter glue…we’ll see how ambitious I am! I’d love some ideas! Off to play with my kiddo…I love being a mom!

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My little Shirley Temple

Enough personality? I'd say so!

Enough personality? I

Last year was the first time my little one dressed up. I made her a tutu with ribbon, tulle, and sewing glue!



For Auntie Mandy!

For Auntie Mandy!

It was fun, but this

Loving those Shirley curls!

Loving those Shirley curls!

A girl who loves shoes!

A girl who loves shoes!

year was much more fun! It helps now that I can sewing without glue! Haha. This year Zak and I decided it’d be fun having her dress up like Shirley Temple! She loves watching her movies, and knows most of her songs. She couldn’t wait to dress like Shirley! For those of you that missed seeing her at the Harvest party, here’s some pics of the lovely Shirley.

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What’s a mom to do?

  For the past few months (since Charis turned 2), we’ve been trying to wean her of the thumb! It’s been a battle that we have yet to win, or even see the possability of winning. I used to be an infant/waddler teacher, and helped wean many babies of bottles and binkies, but the thumb is attached. You can’t throw it in the garbage or cut the tip off, like you can an object.

 Thumb sucking doesn’t bother me…in fact I think it’s adorable when a baby sucks her thumb, but when that baby is a toddler that looks like a preschooler it’s not so cute. Especially when you’re already seeing her teeth going crooked! So far we’ve tried two methods; band-aids & apple-cider vinegar. She pulls the bandaids (even if they’re curious George ones) off and could care less that her beloved thumb tastes aweful. I don’t want to put a harmful chemical on her thumb. Do any moms have some suggestions?

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To pull or not to pull…

  I’ve put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for years, and can escape it no more. Unless…just kidding. I’m ready to be rid of them. My surgery is set for Monday, but I’ve managed to catch a lovely cold! I’m now waiting to here back on whether or not I’m well enough to go through with it! I would much rather be healthy and do it, than have to reschedule the appointment (and making sure Grandma’s are available ect.).

  On another note it’s been nice having Daddy around more often. He’s been continuing music lessons through our home. At first it was a bit of an adjustment, keeping Charis quiet and doubling our living room as a lobby, but I think we’re all used to having a few new faces around the house. Having Daddy available in the mornings has helped me run errands without a two year old! That’s been a blessing. One thing that’s been a little harder is getting things done while Daddy’s at home. Homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, you name it… I’m just so used to getting everything done while he’s gone! Well, the munchkin is getting in to mischief as usual. Off to put her to bed!

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The price we pay for clean carpets!

Ever since Charis was a newborn, she’s had a BIG fear of the vacuum cleaner…especially my IROBOT. Even my Bissel brings her to tears. That was completely understandable when she was a baby, but now that she’s two, I feel like this should be easing up…but instead it’s getting worse. Today she was terrified. When she first saw me pulling it out, she migrated all of her baby dolls to her bed, so as to avoid the wrath of the howling machine. When it came time for me to do her room, I asked her if she’d like to play on her bed with her babies or go in the other room. Her lip puckered up as she gazed at her beloved dolls, trying to be brave for them, and left the room with as many as she could cram in her arms. As soon as I turned it off, she came running in to make sure the monster hadn’t harmed her precious children. After careful examination of each baby was made, she then ran to her blocks, and grabbing the longest one possible and picking it up at one end she was rubbing it across the floor, saying cheerfully, “my vacuum, my vacuum!” What can I say… other than I have an all around crazy kido…at least she fits into the family well!!!

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How to homeschool a two year old…

 Homeschooling begins pretty quick for us…I’m officially starting next week. Charis really has a desire to learn anything and everything, so I figure I better feed that desire while it’s there. A lot of what we are doing is age appropriate for anywhere from 2-4 years old. This is what I’ll bee doing. I’m alternating things every other week.

Week 1

Monday~ Before Five in a Row, Phonics/reading, My first Color & Trace (by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Tuesday~ BFIAR, Phonics/reading, Let’s fold/cut (also by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Wednesday~BFIAR, Reading/phonics, My first color/trace, Nature walk/nature journal (drawing what she likes, or taking a picture of a treasure she found while on her nature walk), Bible/Scripture Memorization.

Thursday~ BFIAR, Let’s fold & Cut, My first color/trace, Bible Scripture Memorization.

Week 2~

Monday~ Let’s fold/cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture Memorization, Prayer for missions/missionaries, Reading/phonics.

Tuesday~ Lapbook studies, Nature Walks/jornal, Bible study/scripture memorization, Prayer, Reading/phonics.

Wednesday~ Lap book studies, Let’s Fold/Cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture memorization.

Thursday~ Lapbook studies, Nature walk/journal, Bible/scripture/prayer, Reading/phonics.

 This may seem like a lot, but we already do a lot of these things often. It should only be around an hour a day… which is going to be spread throughout the day by 20 minute increments, unless of course she’s engaged in whatever we’re doing! I’m also making it a four day week, so if we need to go grocery shopping, or something comes up we have an extra day. If she’s content with three days a week, I might do that instead of four! I just wanted to make structured time a part of her routine, and I might as well start it while there’s only her, and while she’s interested.

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The next Shirley Temple…

Lately Charis has been enjoying watching Shirley Temple movies (as often as Mommy lets her anyway), and I think her toe tapping feet have rubbed off on my little one. Last week Papa G and Nana Jackie took the family to the fair. She was all excited to see the animals…that is until she heard the swing band. Here’s a vidoe of her enjoying the music. It was hard not to laugh! She was dancing for at least fifteen to twenty minutes…at that point we had to drag her away, tears and all. She would have gladly stayed there listening to the music and dancing the whole day! Maybe tap shoes are headed are way!

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