To pull or not to pull…

  I’ve put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for years, and can escape it no more. Unless…just kidding. I’m ready to be rid of them. My surgery is set for Monday, but I’ve managed to catch a lovely cold! I’m now waiting to here back on whether or not I’m well enough to go through with it! I would much rather be healthy and do it, than have to reschedule the appointment (and making sure Grandma’s are available ect.).

  On another note it’s been nice having Daddy around more often. He’s been continuing music lessons through our home. At first it was a bit of an adjustment, keeping Charis quiet and doubling our living room as a lobby, but I think we’re all used to having a few new faces around the house. Having Daddy available in the mornings has helped me run errands without a two year old! That’s been a blessing. One thing that’s been a little harder is getting things done while Daddy’s at home. Homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, you name it… I’m just so used to getting everything done while he’s gone! Well, the munchkin is getting in to mischief as usual. Off to put her to bed!


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How to homeschool a two year old…

 Homeschooling begins pretty quick for us…I’m officially starting next week. Charis really has a desire to learn anything and everything, so I figure I better feed that desire while it’s there. A lot of what we are doing is age appropriate for anywhere from 2-4 years old. This is what I’ll bee doing. I’m alternating things every other week.

Week 1

Monday~ Before Five in a Row, Phonics/reading, My first Color & Trace (by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Tuesday~ BFIAR, Phonics/reading, Let’s fold/cut (also by Kumon), Bible reading/scripture memorization, prayer/learning about missions/missionaries.

Wednesday~BFIAR, Reading/phonics, My first color/trace, Nature walk/nature journal (drawing what she likes, or taking a picture of a treasure she found while on her nature walk), Bible/Scripture Memorization.

Thursday~ BFIAR, Let’s fold & Cut, My first color/trace, Bible Scripture Memorization.

Week 2~

Monday~ Let’s fold/cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture Memorization, Prayer for missions/missionaries, Reading/phonics.

Tuesday~ Lapbook studies, Nature Walks/jornal, Bible study/scripture memorization, Prayer, Reading/phonics.

Wednesday~ Lap book studies, Let’s Fold/Cut, My first color/trace, Bible study/scripture memorization.

Thursday~ Lapbook studies, Nature walk/journal, Bible/scripture/prayer, Reading/phonics.

 This may seem like a lot, but we already do a lot of these things often. It should only be around an hour a day… which is going to be spread throughout the day by 20 minute increments, unless of course she’s engaged in whatever we’re doing! I’m also making it a four day week, so if we need to go grocery shopping, or something comes up we have an extra day. If she’s content with three days a week, I might do that instead of four! I just wanted to make structured time a part of her routine, and I might as well start it while there’s only her, and while she’s interested.

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Changes in life…

 Well, things have definitely been different around here the past few weeks. We’ve been blessed to see a lot more of Daddy lately. Our place is still a little burnt looking. It’s been a month since we’ve had cabinets and white walls! I guess next week that’s supposed to get fixed and it’s about time! I don’t think I’m going to be complaining about not having enough cupboard space any time soon. Through this whole incident, I’ve come to the conclusion…that our rental agency doesn’t do much at all! It’s really a realty agency and manages a few rentals, but all they’ve managed to do is ignore the calls from the restoration crew to okay things! Oh well, I guess I should focus on the positive, like having my house back next week!!! No more finding Charis getting into the chocolate sprinkles first thing in the morning!!! Yeah!!!

 This summer has completely flown by, what with our trip to Seattle, Charis’ birthday parties (and the fire), selling the Cottage, and celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. Now as summer’s coming to an end, we’re getting ready for a year of homeschooling with Charis. We’ve been doing in every once and a while since spring. I’ve discovered that if I don’t challenge my daughter mentally, she’s a  challenge to me =-)! She’s beginning phonics, and is doing pretty well. She has such a desire to read, and all ready understands reading. The other day we were on a bike ride (me peddling and her in the kiddy cart drinking her sippy), she began to decipher “P L A Y T E X. That spells sippy cup!” She’s been doing that with everything! It’s really humorous! At this rate she’ll be reading before she stops sucking her thumb! That’s what we’ve been working on most! We’ve been using band-aids and apple-cider vinegar (yuk…she smells like salad come bed time!) and she still sneaks her thumb in her mouth! Oh, well… off to stuff diapers!

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Homeschooling a toddler…

 My daughter has a love for letters and numbers, and though the thought of homeschooling my almost two year old seemed a little crazy, I decided to give it a go. Most of what we work on are skills she’d be learning in a toddler class anyway (fine motor skills, sensory and so on). Today I decided to devote as much time as she desired to doing her “school work”. I was amazed how engrossed she was in it all. We work on things for well over an hour!!! Did I mention she’s not even two??? What little curriculum I use is by Kumon. Charis is currently working on the “Let’s Fold” book and “My first coloring book”. These really are awesome books. They’re geared for 2-4years (the ones I have anyway), and work on really great age appropiate skills. I also just use alot of plain paper and doodle letters, and she tells me which one it is. It’s pretty cute!

 First we worked on our folding skills, then our colors, then letters, then we sang songs (ABC’s, Jesus Loves Me…that kinda thing), then we worked on memorizing our Bible verse (currently John3:16) and she still was begging for more! I finally tore her away by suggesting we go outside on a nature walk (a walk to look at a neighbors flowers). The rest of the morning/noon time went great!!! She was so well behaved and polite (manners are another big thing we’ve been working on)! I think I’m going to have to do this on a regular basis (at least 2-3 days a week). Singing songs and memory verses I do daily. Another thing that’s going to become a daily activity is outdoor play!!! Now that she’s bigger she needs the fresh air, and can handle the weather if it’s raining (thanks for the new raincoat Mom!).

Here’s some pics of today’s fun!!!

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I’d like to buy a vowel…

 Charis has been very intrigued with letters for a while…and new words. Now when I sing ABC’s to her, if I stop she’ll sing the letter that comes next (usually, anyway). Not bad for being 21 months old. Zak and I don’t let her watch too much tv, but one show she absolutely loves is Wheel of Fortune. It’s so weird to me, but it’s proven to be a great learning show. She sits in her chair calling out letters, and when Vanna starts revealing the letters, she cheers joyfully. She doesn’t know what every letter looks like yet, but she’s been getting better! Who would have thought literacy skills would be obtained from America’s favorite game show?

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