You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

When I first made the switch to cloth, I wanted pure convenience and got it with my bumgenius diaps, but now that I’m addicted to fluff I want to add to my stash with all different types of fluff. Here’s a great way to add to it… winning this!

What do you (or I) have to do to win this, you ask? Sign up for Fluff Friday giveaway and The Cloth Diaper Whisperer!!!! Here’s the link!!!


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Permisive will…

Today I was reading in 2 Kings 21. In it you see the result of God’s permissive will. I wonder how much I’ve tried to push for that…and still do sometimes! It proved that Hezekiah was much better off (and Israel as a whole) if he would have chosen God’s will for his life, instead of pushing for his own will! Even though something may seem better at the time, His will is perfect! Since I’ve been lacking in the picture department for a while, here’s a few of my little lady!

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Feed your stash…with the new gro-baby system!!!!

So I’ve been wanting to try these daipers sooooo much! Who wouldn’t??? So here’s your chance. Enter the feed your stash Friday here!

I’ve read great revies about these diapers, and look forward to adding these to my stash.  My lil’ one still uses diaps at bed time, and boy would these look cute on her tush!!!

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Diaper giveaway

For those of you wanting to try cloth diapering, or already do cd, you can enter to win three kissaluv marvel one-size fitted diapers and and cloth-n-go bag. The prints are super cute, and kissaluvs are known to be super soft! Check in out at Cloth diaper Whisperer! Here’s the website!

Happy 4th to you all!

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Goodbye thumb???

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a baby sucking their thumb (no pun intended). My daughter was one on the many adorable thumb suckers. The only problem is getting them to stop! In my many years of early childhood, I’ve weaned many babies from binkies and bottles, but never had to wean a baby from sucking their thumb…until Charis that is. For the past year and half we’ve been working on it! We’ve tried apple cider vinegar (she didn’t care that her thumb tasted like a salad), band-aids (she discovered she could take them off), and even just preparing by saying when you’re two, no more thumb. That last one worked for two whole days…then her birthday party went up in flames…literally. The following day when she saw our charred kitchen, in went that thumb and stayed! So since then we’ve attempting, but no progress yet. As her third birthday approaches I hoping this time around sticks (we’re hoping for no flames too)! Hubby’s playing music…time to join in!

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Two Months….

Okay, so I’ve officially neglected my blog for way too long. I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen! I’m afraid I too have been sucked into the wonderful world of facebook! We are getting settled into our new home, and loving it. Painting, wallpapering and frequent trips to Lows have been our time filler. We’re just taking it one room at a time!
Charis is continually growing. I hard to believe she’s still only two years old. She’s doing so much, and understanding so much! She started grasping phonics and is now sounding out words, and with some help, she’s reading the beginners pre-k reading books. I’m really liking this preschool stage…at least having only one of them! I’m sure a whole class full is way too much for me=-).
Now that the playroom is up and running (pictures are coming…promise) I’ve decided to put it to good use, and started to watch another little one. Actually it started today. She and Charis are currently napping, giving me the time to catch up on blogging. If the Lord opens up a door for another little one, that’s fine too. We’ll see what happens!
Now just to fill the spar bedrooms with siblings, and we’ll be set! Haha. All in God’s perfect timing! I just finished reading a really great book about adoption…I’ve actually read it twice. It’s called “The Strength of Mercy”. For those praying about adoption, pick one up! You can find it at
Well, I’ll try and be better at this blogging thing. In the next week or two we should have some more projects done on the house to she pictures! TTFN

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Yucky, cold, and white!

I’ve been neglecting my blog, I know. Life’s getting a little crazy with closing on the house (we close tomorrow… hopefully anyway), and Christmas (only two days away). One thing that’s going to be a bit of a challenge…all this snow.
Last year’s winter was horrible, so I naturally thought that this year would be light. Boy was I wrong. So now we are moving with nearly four feet of snow! At least it’s just across town, and we have lots of plastic to keep the carpet dry! I’m already praying for an early spring… starting today=-). Off to go pack, clean, bake, and do whatever else it is I need to do!

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My crazy busy life…

Life as always is good…just a little on the busy side. At least it keeps me out of trouble. The newest thing filling my time is packing up the house…or at least thinking about it. After a what feels like years of living flexibly we finally bought a house (we’ll close at the end of the year). I’m thrilled at the thought of hanging up pictures again, and opening boxes that have been packet for years (It’ll probably be something we’ll through out, but at least it’s not sitting in a box in the garage!). So that’s our next adventure! Here’s a few fall pics I took of Charis that I forgot about until yesterday!

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What the season is really about…or at least the way the world sees it!

The other day I was accomplishing my monthly errands, and they included a visit to Target. I thought it was no biggy…it was only a Tuesday. I was wrong. People running to and fro stuffing their carts full of whatever they could. Children screaming in the toy isle, “NO! I want these toys!” . The screaming never did stop, even when I was on the other side of the store. I suddenly remembered Charlie Brown wondering what in the world the holidays are all about cause it can’t be all this commercialism…yet the rest of the world is perfectly content with it being that way. It’s sad how easy it is to get sucked in that way, when that thing you wanted to get, but couldn’t afford is now 50% off!

Since having Charis, Zak and I decided that she gets one present and her stocking goodies, and even though it was hard for me to follow, I’m glad we established it. Are presents evil? NO. I just don’t want to forget what we are celebrating…the gift of salvation. Incidentally this year we were wanting to get a Christmas tree (it’s been about 4 years since we’ve had one (long story), and this year we thought Charis would appreciate one and would be able to refrain from pulling it down. The one problem is we might be moving soon, so to unpack Christmas decorations when I’m packing everything else up is kinda pointless. The solution… a Charlie Brown Christmas tree…literally! I’ll put up pictures later. Until then here’s a little reminder of the true reason we celebrate Christmas!

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As I’m about to start cooking and cleaning like mad, I wanted to stop and think about all the beautiful things that God has blessed me with. Having a relationship with Jesus and salvation! He’s given an awesome husband who loves Him more than me! We’ve been given a daughter who’s fun and challenging as can be=-)! There are so many other things that He’s done and will continue to be do in my life that are worthy of thankfulness. I just sometimes forget to be thankful! So happy Thanksgiving! What are you most thankful for?dsc_0336cb1dsc_0383cbo1dsc_0358cb

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