Feed your stash…with the new gro-baby system!!!!

So I’ve been wanting to try these daipers sooooo much! Who wouldn’t??? So here’s your chance. Enter the feed your stash Friday here! http://www.clothdiaperblog.com/feed-your-stash-tiny-bubbles-gro-baby-a-wet-bag/#comments

I’ve read great revies about these diapers, and look forward to adding these to my stash.  My lil’ one still uses diaps at bed time, and boy would these look cute on her tush!!!


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Another Beco!!!!

 So, sadly I didn’t win a Beco the last giveaway, but SIMPLE is giving another one away!!! Check it out here, http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/ . It’s from Babysnaz http://www.babysnazz.com . They have a great variety of baby carriers!

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Another giveaway!!!!

Simple is hosting another great giveaway!!! On the Flipside is an adorable etsy site! Everything is reversible!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m all about getting more for my buck, so having two outfits in one perfect for this family! Check out their website here http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5606596 . Also be sure and check our SIMPLE. They’re constantly hosting great giveaways…and they’re looking for a new mommy for reveiws!!! http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/ .

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Beco Carrier Giveaway!!!

 This has to be the best giveaway at S.I.M.P.L.E. yet!!! Shortly after I made the plunge in buying my Ergo, I discovered the Beco carrier. They’re a bit more in price, but aside from looking a hundred times cuter, they have added features the Ergo lacks. I have yet to justify making another large purchase, but I would love love love to win it!!! Simple is hosting the giveaway through BabySNAZZ. Check out their website here. http://www.babysnazz.com/ . They have a ton of Mommy must haves. Also check out the giveaway at Simple.  http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/ .

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Check out this giveaway…

 I’ve always been a baby wearing Momma. I started out with a ring sling, and still use it for my 33lbs 2 year old! Simple has a great giveaway right now for a ring sling or a baby pouch! Check it out here, http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/. These rocking baby slings are soooo cute! I the love the “hold me” pink and brown ring sling! So my colors. You can also check out there website here, http://www.rockinbabysling.com/shop/baby_slings/page3.html.

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Going green…

 For the past few months I’ve been making a lot of changes in how we live…so of them big and so of them small. I haven’t made these choices to save the world, but to reduce our waste amount and save money. I’ve been teased off and on by my husband about using my homemade cloth grocery bags. He was very surprised when I switched to cloth diapers…I was a little surprised myself. He’s now in full support of these changes. He even uses cloth diaper when he’s watching Charis!!! Sence then I’ve been looking at other ways to continue eliminating waste. I just recently came across these: http://www.wrap-n-mat.com/. How many times do I run to the grocery store to get another box of sandwich bags??? I think they’d definitely be worth trying! There’s currently a giveaway on SIMPLE. Check it out here. http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/

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leg warmers anyone?

 I was just checking out simples newest review…it’s for http://www.babysnazz.com/. They’re reviewing leg warmers. I’m sure most of you’ve heard of baby legs… there’s also two other companies; skidpants & hugalugs. They’ll be giving away two pairs of legs warmers, so if you have a little one sign up!!! Here’s the website. http://simple-reviews.blogspot.com/

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