Life without Daddy…

 It’s funny how much you don’t realize you need someone…until they’re gone that is. Zak and I don’t part much, but have done pretty well in the past. He hadn’t taken a trip without me since I was about eight months prego, that is until this week. I was up to the task of playing single parent. One thing I wasn’t expecting was a complete lack of sleep. Not from Charis mind you, but the lack of my hubby! I guess being married as long as we have does this to you. The answer to my problem (and no it’s not a good one)…grab the toddler and bring her in your bed. So instead of no sleep, I got very little (she’s a kicker). So not only was there only one parent around, but that one parent was a tired one (tired mommy=no patience). Overall, we survived and are so glad to have him back…and we’re also glad he had a great time! What I learned from this trip…is that life without him is just no fun!


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To pull or not to pull…

  I’ve put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for years, and can escape it no more. Unless…just kidding. I’m ready to be rid of them. My surgery is set for Monday, but I’ve managed to catch a lovely cold! I’m now waiting to here back on whether or not I’m well enough to go through with it! I would much rather be healthy and do it, than have to reschedule the appointment (and making sure Grandma’s are available ect.).

  On another note it’s been nice having Daddy around more often. He’s been continuing music lessons through our home. At first it was a bit of an adjustment, keeping Charis quiet and doubling our living room as a lobby, but I think we’re all used to having a few new faces around the house. Having Daddy available in the mornings has helped me run errands without a two year old! That’s been a blessing. One thing that’s been a little harder is getting things done while Daddy’s at home. Homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, you name it… I’m just so used to getting everything done while he’s gone! Well, the munchkin is getting in to mischief as usual. Off to put her to bed!

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Changes in life…

 Well, things have definitely been different around here the past few weeks. We’ve been blessed to see a lot more of Daddy lately. Our place is still a little burnt looking. It’s been a month since we’ve had cabinets and white walls! I guess next week that’s supposed to get fixed and it’s about time! I don’t think I’m going to be complaining about not having enough cupboard space any time soon. Through this whole incident, I’ve come to the conclusion…that our rental agency doesn’t do much at all! It’s really a realty agency and manages a few rentals, but all they’ve managed to do is ignore the calls from the restoration crew to okay things! Oh well, I guess I should focus on the positive, like having my house back next week!!! No more finding Charis getting into the chocolate sprinkles first thing in the morning!!! Yeah!!!

 This summer has completely flown by, what with our trip to Seattle, Charis’ birthday parties (and the fire), selling the Cottage, and celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. Now as summer’s coming to an end, we’re getting ready for a year of homeschooling with Charis. We’ve been doing in every once and a while since spring. I’ve discovered that if I don’t challenge my daughter mentally, she’s a  challenge to me =-)! She’s beginning phonics, and is doing pretty well. She has such a desire to read, and all ready understands reading. The other day we were on a bike ride (me peddling and her in the kiddy cart drinking her sippy), she began to decipher “P L A Y T E X. That spells sippy cup!” She’s been doing that with everything! It’s really humorous! At this rate she’ll be reading before she stops sucking her thumb! That’s what we’ve been working on most! We’ve been using band-aids and apple-cider vinegar (yuk…she smells like salad come bed time!) and she still sneaks her thumb in her mouth! Oh, well… off to stuff diapers!

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Happy birthday to you…

Last night was Charis birthday party for the family, and boy was it exciting. Things were off to a great start. Charis was napping, cake was baked, things were all coming together…until the jalapeno poppers anyway. We had a few guests early, so we were visiting in the midst of getting horderves (spelling?) together. I ran to the other room to grab something, and on the way I noticed black spoke immersing from the boiling pot. I just thought “oh great, the oil is burning. There goes the snacks.” Then hollered forZak, and instantly was clouded with smoke. I couldn’t see to turn off the burner, so Zak grabbed a potholder and attempted to move it off the burner. While doing this he began to remove the lid, and flames flew. To make a long story not so long, Charis had four fire trucks, an ambulance, a squad car, and a chief’s SUV. We actually put the fire out before we called them (we being my hubby, Dad and Mom), but wanted the place checked out. We had like 20 firefighters show up.

Neighbors we very kind, giving us bottled water, sharing a shaded porch (it was hot outside), and even their bathroom=-). Charis got to meet a fire woman named Charis! It’s not every day that you meet another Charis…especially spelled the same way. She was also given a teddy bear, and a fire hat. She was pretty concerned about the whole thing. One ff came over to say happy birthday in his fire suite and all. Everyone was so kind…especially our parents.

We decided to move the party to my in-laws house, and try and forget about the smokey mess waiting for us. We stayed the night there as well, and today I’ve been trying to air the place out and wash as much as possible! I’m so thankful that no one was badly injured, and that it was any worse than it was. My hubby posted a few pics he took. You can see them here. I’m sure they’ll be more soon. You should see my pasta pot!

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Family time

For those of you that know us personally, you know my hubby is not a 9-5 kind of a guy. He’s not a work-o-holic either… when you own a business it requires a lot of your time. It’s all we’ve know, so it doesn’t bother me. It just makes our time together all the more special!! This past week however, we were blessed to have five beautiful days together as a family! It was such a blessing.

 One thing that’s nice about not vacationing much, is that when you finally have it, you make sure you enjoy every bit of it!!! We took our daughter to the zoo. I think I enjoyed it as much as she did! Charis and I both got to feed giraffs…that was soooo much fun! She’s still talking about her favorite animals. I have a feeling that she’s going to be talking for a while=-)! The Lord blessed us with great weather, and a lovely time together.

I just udlaoded some pics from our trip…you can view them here.

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Going green…

 For the past few months I’ve been making a lot of changes in how we live…so of them big and so of them small. I haven’t made these choices to save the world, but to reduce our waste amount and save money. I’ve been teased off and on by my husband about using my homemade cloth grocery bags. He was very surprised when I switched to cloth diapers…I was a little surprised myself. He’s now in full support of these changes. He even uses cloth diaper when he’s watching Charis!!! Sence then I’ve been looking at other ways to continue eliminating waste. I just recently came across these: How many times do I run to the grocery store to get another box of sandwich bags??? I think they’d definitely be worth trying! There’s currently a giveaway on SIMPLE. Check it out here.

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Is it me??? or her???

 Yesterday for me was quite a challenge. Charis’ morning started with a big grin as she waited for me to remove the gate barracading her way to the rest of the house. She, as usual had her blankie, her shirt, and her monkey Mr. Twiddles. In the midst of all the stuff, there wasn’t enough room in her hands to grab the last thing that she wanted…her sippy cup of water. She then commanded Mommy to go get it. She didn’t like that Mommy didn’t respond well to her orders. I did offer to take Mr. Twiddles so she could go get it (I don’t mind helping daughter, but I’m not going to show her that she can order me around either. Oh boy would that be fun with her almost being two!), that then resulted in her falling to the ground and bursting into tears. I then set her beloved monkey on the ground and told her when she was ready to behave like a big girl she could come out into the living with me and we could pray…15 minutes later, she finally stops and comes out with a smile on her face, completely forgetting her desire for a sippy cup in the first place!

 Later in the day this behavior continued with tears and endless shouts of no’s, a few pats of the hieney and a lot of time outs. I’ve been giving her a bit more grace than usuall since returning home. I’ve had a lot of catching up on things since coming home, and I know it’s still a bit of a whirlwind, but at the same time it could also be that someone is going to be two. A lot of her “moments” occure when I’m trying to get the laundry folded, or the dishes done, or when I’m cooking. I think she’s been getting board. She hasn’t been playing with her toys as much on her own… maybe she just needs a little sister!Ha-ha. I think having a week of hardley any toys and a lot of Mommy’s attention has something to do with it too! I did do some “school work” with her yesterday and that bought me a little time, but not like it usually does. Buy the time Zak got home last night I was very done with the whining… I’m sure he could tell. I was trying to get through a very late dinner (another thing that frustrated me), and send a little munchkin off to bed. Dinner ended a bit differently than it usually does. I had made a pizza with a garlicky butter base to the crust, she enjoyed her dinner so much that she decided the put the remaining buttery, olive oily pizza on top of her nice clean hair!!! At this point I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry, but I knew I couldn’t send her to bed like that so I hopped the the shower and Zak sent her in to get her hair washed. As soon as she was clean, he dried her off and sent her to bed! All I can say is Zak is such a blessing to me!!! I pray today goes differently, or at least that I handle myself better.   

Oh, and I’ll try and post some pics from our trip and blog about it some time this week!

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Mother’s Day Surprise…

 Well, this Mother’s Day has been an interesting one so far. This year my husband’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day. The morning started off normal…got me and Charis ready and headed to church (Zak goes before we get up and helps out). After study I came home to get Charis down for a nap and when I opened the garage door something was there that wasn’t before…

I’ve been wanting a beach cruiser for years, but with being pregnant, then having a baby, it got put on the back burner…now I have a bike trailer too, so the the munchkin can tag along for the ride!!! Maybe this is as much a gift for him, as it is for me…bike=exercise…exercise=thinner mommy…thinner mommy=happy daddy!

 For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing that Mother’s Day doesn’t count this year, because his birthday overrides it. He’s always so good at surprising me…I wish that I was better at surprising him. Oh well, maybe Father’s Day! Thanks Zak!!!! You’re the best hubby ever (you were before the surprise too!!!)

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 This past week has been beautiful…it’s definately perked me up. I think this week was long over due. I was able to snap a few pics of Charis and her Daddy last week. Here’s some of my faves.

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